2012/01/06 EWG Meeting Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/01/06 EWG Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Economics Working Group – Friday January 6th 2012 5pm

Present: Julianna, Peter, Chris I, Dada, Liam, Chris F, Chris F-D, Tim, Dave, Martin Webber

1. Beyond Capitalism

Chris F outlined plans for the ‘Beyond Capitalism’ debate at the Bank of Ideas on Sunday Jan 15th. Everything seems to be coming on well.

2. Requests for Speakers

It was noted that we are now getting more and more requests for speakers at various events. It was agreed that such requests would be forwarded around the entire Economics Working Group E-mail list, and people could put themselves up to speak at whichever talks interested them. If they were particularly keen on doing one they shouldn’t be shy in expressing this. After 2 or 3 days we would attempt to achieve consensus on who could attend any particular event, unless of course there was only a single nominee in which case they would get it by default. Chris F would circulate the current list of requests for speakers.

3. Occupy Times

The Occupy Times have requested articles from individual working groups outlining what they’re up to. It was agreed Peter would write one about the Economics WG, circulating it around the group for approval before submission.

4. Wealth Bonds

Tim outlined his latest thoughts on proposals for a ‘Wealth Bond’, where rich people would be obliged (and poorer people encouraged) to buy fixed life government bonds to get us through this financial crisis. This project is coming on well.

5. Housing

Chris F-D reported on progress so far from the Housing sub-group on his ‘Sacred Elephant in the Room’ paper, and proposals for a housebuilding program, financed through quantitive easing. Potential problems with this were raised which will be taken account of as the plan is developed further. Chris said he was taking the idea to tonight’s GA for a temperature check as to whether it was something Occupy could support, and also for approval to discuss it with some outside agencies.

6. Lobbying

There was a discussion about the benefit of lobbying various MP’s, closely linked with our approaches to the Treasury Select committee. Peter said he would talk to Vince Cable, who is his constituency MP.

7. Economic Crimes

Tim said he was making good progress at gathering information on Economic Crimes but was still looking for more input.

8. Banking GA

It was noted that there was shortly to be a GA which would focus on discussing Banking. We would work out our strategy for this at the next meeting.

9. Canary Wharf Tours

Liam said the next Economics Working Group tour of Canary Wharf would be on Thursday 12th and there would be another Mayfair tour the following week.

Next Meeting

Monday 9th at 5pm in meeting Dome next to Tent City University.

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