15.02.12 Finance Working Group meeting

Finance’s Docs 15.02.12 Finance Working Group meeting

Date: 15.02.12      Time: 11am        Location: TEA

Attendees: Anon, Em, Liz, Luke, Phil, Vica, Dave (observer)


Finance GA: Phil, Anon, Vica, ( Liz, Luke)

Monday meeting: Anon, ( Phil, Liz, Vica)

Money collection:Wednesday – Em, Thursday – Em, Friday – Luke, Saturday – Liz, Sunday – Liz, Monday – Anon, Tuesday- Anon

Finsbury sq van:

Kai & Peter, having been to the site, suggested that the small van was sufficient to take away the waste, so were happy to give £30 for the fuel. They didn’t see the urgency to spend £120 for a larger van to bring wood chip and pallets, especially if there was a concern about a possible eviction. Also the aspect of the pallets had not been well addressed at the GA.

Finance GA:

When events that were not planned occur, the team leaves it to the facilitator to make the best decision. The Finance team does not break off to decide alone. It listens to the GA and to the other team members who can say their opinion as an individual.

1pm deadline:

The deadline should be respected. The night before the GA the budget to be approved should be made available online so that people can be informed what will be discussed at the next GA.
Re-evaluating core funds:

The Ga had approved core funds for the camps and that they would be re-evaluated on a monthly basis. The past week has seen a lot of occupiers leave the camp, so we could start to try to lower the costs. We will start with one aspect at the time. For this week we will investigate on the porterloos. Em will talk to Obi and to Tanya about it.

Ring-fencing funds:

The finance WG leaves it to the GA to discuss an proposals of ring-fencing funds. Any proposal of this kind does not go against the process in place.

Computer donation:

Given the type of computer we consider it useful to be used for an info point. Given the risk of eviction at LSX, the computer will be donated to Finsbury sq. Vica will forward the email to Luke so he can organize for it.

PayPal and Sponsume:

Vica will send out an email for suggestions on alternatives to PayPal. Luke and Vica will investigate the Sponsume proposal.

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