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12.07.10_WG Meeting summary
6pm Royal Festival Hall Attendees: Jack, Mike D., Obi, Sara, Sophia, Tom, Vica Points agreed. GROUP WORKING PRACTICES Changes to the website must be approved by the website development WG. Members of the group post suggestions on the wall of the WG http://occupylondon.org.uk/groups/webdev/ If no-one of the group responds or objects to the proposal the member may proceed to implement the proposal. Should there on the other hand be objections, then the proposal is brought to the next meeting. ADMIN ACCESS Admin access is provided only to those who need to/wish to undertake tasks. Currently: Super-admin: Mike D., Tom, James Admin: Vica, Jack, Spyro Editor: Em, Obi Author: all working group admin accounts Moderators: active members of working groups Subscribers: others VISIONS FOR THE SITE - easy to navigate - gateway, portal, platform for occupy and activism in London - for us to disseminate information about occupy - to inform on events/actions that are planned or have happened - to allow Wg to have a space where to organize and post their material - to allow individuals to share content between each other and the general public ACTION POINTS Mike D: - redirect the homepage of occupylsx.org website to OccupyLondon.org.uk website Vica: - will assign the following status: Jack: Admin Obi: Editor Em: Editor - will add Jack to the occupyweb mailing list - will make "private" inactive working groups - will contact working groups to ask them if they would like an @occupylondon.org.uk email address. Tom: - will update developer site to allow us to test plugins - will create @occupylondon.org emails when Vica sends a list to him - will set up google analytics and give the WG members access to it Jack: - will make the GA posts more attractive - will assign categories and tags to them Obi: - will add livestream to the minutes Sara: - will find out about legal disclaimers regarding collecting peoples data.

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