03.02.12 Finance WG meeting summary

Finance’s Docs 03.02.12 Finance WG meeting summary

Time: 10:30 am
Location: First on the highway, then moved to Tea due to disruption
Attendees:Anon, Em, Liz, Luke, Phil, Vica

Fund request procedure:
Vica: – will send email with fund request
Phil & Luke:- will collect requests and count money on Monday
Phil:- will prepare spreadsheet
Em:- will ask for amount of online donations- will take out money from bank account for next GA
Em, Phil, Anon, Liz, Luke:- will be at the next Finance GA- they will decide then when to have the next Finance WG meeting

Em will will coordinate LSX, Luke FS. They are now independent: £100 for LSX, £70 for FS. Luke will discuss with Danny if to continue collaborating with People’s Supermarket.

Vica will track down the last signatories, then pass it to Em, who will then pass it to Liz.Luke will make sure M. also signs and will then bring the form to Em.


Vica will send an email from mailng list account for confirmation.When communicating by email, we wait for 3 days for response and then go ahead with task.Meetings are communicated by text message.New folder at info with all Finance details.Vica needs to add prints from website.We need to improve the FAQ page, so we don’t respond directly to emails, but can forward to the page.
Emergency funds
We stick to the standard procedures in place.

Guidelines for working groups
Case A:okCase B:only points 2-5
Vica: Amend, send for confirmation. Once confirmed, post on groupspaces, print and put at info.

Money collection:

Em, Anon & Luke will organize it between them

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