01.07.13 Online Platforms meeting

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01.07.13 Online Platforms meeting
Present Mark, Mike G. Caroline, Alison Agreements Mandate: We need to define better the mandate of the working group. For now roughly we said that it’s role is to facilitate a more effective use of our online platforms, by improving each of them and integrating them more. The platforms should work more effectively both for people involved in Occupy to reach out to the larger public, but also to improve the way we collaborate between us. Webpage: We will use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) “About” page needs to be improved and merged with “take part” Change order of photos General slideshow needs to be more related to Occupy in general. It can be change according to the current Occupy actions/events but the press WG needs to be responsible for it. Next meeting: Friday 12 at 4pm at Friends house Tasks Ali to do keyword search for SEO Mike to add plugin for SEO Vica to make Mike admin Mark to work on about page Vica to add new page Mike to send new photo to Vica Vica to add to slideshow Vica to put library photo at the end

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