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Climate Radio: Climate Solutions, by Phil England

After a dormant period, Climate Radio is returning with a mini-series exploring some big ideas for super-charging the climate change agenda. Four programmes are being broadcast throughout March 2015 on Resonance FM and then archived at Climate Radio. This series is being produced with financial assistance from the Network for Social Change.


The first two shows are now available for listening:



Part 1 looks at how fossil fuel interests – rather than the public’s interests – dominate our policy making.


We do this by focusing on the way both Labour and the Conservatives have supported fracking in the face of fierce opposition from local communities. The pro-fracking cross-party consensus may be finally starting to break down, but in the recent Infrastructure Act vote only 52 MPs  voted for the moratorium on fracking recommended by the Environment Audit select committee. The Environment Audit Committee concluded:


A moratorium on the extraction of unconventional gas through fracking is needed to avoid the UK’s carbon budgets being breached in the 2020s and beyond, and the international credibility of the UK in tackling climate change being critically weakened—already a prospect if the provisions in the Infrastructure Bill aimed at maximising North Sea oil extraction are passed.


We look at the damage done to democracy by this cross-party promotion of fracking in conversations with frontline campaigners from Balcombe and Lancashire, a campaigner from Friends of the Earth and the UK’s Special Envoy on Climate Change 2006-20012.



If democracy no longer acts in the pubic interest – how do we fix it? We look at the fledgling Occupy Democracy movement and their six core demands which aim to free our democracy from corporate control so that it acts in the interest of people and planet. We ask if we need non violent civil disobedience and a civil society-wide campaign for a 21st Century Great Democratic Reform Act in order to make the urgent transition to a clean energy system and low carbon society. Alongside activists from Occupy Democracy we hear from Unlock Democracy, an academic and the whistle-blowing former vice chair of the Liberal Democrats.


Coming up on Climate Solutions…


Next week’s show focuses on food in the context of climate change with Vicki Hird (Sustain), Colin Tudge (Campaign for Real Farming), Dr Ian Fitzpatrick (Global Justice Now!) and Humphrey Lloyd (Land Workers’ Alliance).


Upcoming events


Assemblies for Democracy (London 28 March, Glasgow 11 April, Manchester 18 April)

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