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Clarification: no decision made to leave St Paul’s


Some of you may have seen the headline “Protesters call end to occupation in St Paul’s” in The Independent, Monday 19 December, or seen or heard similar in other media including the BBC. [1]

We would like to clarify that there is a range of views about the future of the occupation.

There are occupiers who think that the camp at the Occupy London Stock Exchange site by St Paul’s should be downsized to a non-residential space so that the focus can be on outreach to communities in different ways. And there are occupiers who are strongly committed to remaining living on the site throughout the winter, maintaining it as a home, as well as a platform for the voices of the 99 per cent. All sorts of ideas are being discussed.

For all involved, learning to live and work together as a diverse and vibrant community, and finding ways to to survive the cold, wind and wet is an important way to ensure the sustainable growth of the movement and to send the message that enough is enough.

Discussions regarding restructuring the occupation are looking at incremental changes or alternatively something more radical. However we feel that it is important to reassure occupiers and supporters everywhere that no decision has been made to “quit” or “leave”, as can be attested by the General Assembly minutes of 18 December, and confirmed by General Assemblies since. [2]

We look forward to welcoming friends and supporters at all our London sites over the festive period!

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