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The Breaking the Frame, by Pete Deane.

The Breaking the Frame gathering, which took place on 2-5th May 2014 is a step towards creating a new politics of technology. The gathering brought together campaigns on the technology politics of food, energy/climate/ environment, work/economics/austerity, the military, the internet, surveillance health and gender, as well as trade unionists, radical scientists, artists and developers of[…]

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Global Power Shift, Powershift UK 2014 Conference

I was asked to livestream the Powershift 2014 conference learning more about other groups working on the threat of Climate Change. I am encouraged that various groups are continuing to link up, to fight against the corporate propaganda. One good lesson reiterated today. Instead of concentrating on convincing sceptics of the fight against Ecocide, attention[…]

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Energy, Equity & Environment: update & resources

The Occupy London Energy, Equity & Environment working group (EEE) decided towards the beginning of this year to focus on fracking and food.
On April 5th, discussion moved to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and how this proposed deal to hand further power to corporations will affect fracking, food, and so much[…]

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Shelling out for NERC?

The question was asked about this new collaboration between Shell and Nerc. Good or bad?
Shelling out for NERC? Comments from a couple of the Economics WG members.
From Clive Menzies.
It’s not an area I’ve researched in depth but Shell has a pretty appalling environmental track record.
The positive spin is to[…]

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Fossil Free Nativity celebrates C of E disinvestment in 2014.

Fossil Free Nativity celebrates C of E disinvestment in 2014.
by Westley Ingram.
In 2014 the Church of England is considering disinvestment from fossil fuels. This is part of a campaign to get Churches and other great institutions to withdraw their support from businesses whose business is ecocide.
This is good news! Despite a disappointing[…]

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From the farmyard to fracking, and beyond
By Mandy Pins Perkins. Occupy Bournemouth and Balcombe Community Protection Camp Protector.
We’re blessed to be staying on an organic dairy farm at present, where wildlife and fauna seem to literally sing with joy every moment of the day. Yesterday afternoon, I felt called to go outside to[…]

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MAJOR ACTIVITY HAS BEGUN at IGas Energy’s fracking site in Salford. We will be converging for The Northern Gas Gala! TOMORROW from 9am!
Join the fight to protect this community & the North West!
For directions & info on what to bring see:
First Arrest at Barton Moss Protection Camp.
WHY does this ONE[…]

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We are extremely fortunate to have Josh Fox himself (all the way from Pennsylvania) attending this screening of his film GASLAND II on Wednesday 23rd October.
If you remain in any doubt about the realities of fracking and the dangers of the ecocidal unconventional fossil fuel industry – which our government has already potentially licensed[…]

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GREENWASH!!! Shale Gas “Environmental” Summit
The Shale Gas Environmental Summit is a two day event where the industry gathers together to discuss ways to calm fears around the environmental impacts of fracking and unconventional gas extraction.
They are so concerned in fact that they have invited noted climate change denier Benny Peiser of the Global[…]

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