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November 1st Putney Debate: TTIP

The Translantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Date & Time: Saturday November 1st, 4.30pm.
Venue: Bloomsbury Suite, Ground Floor, Friends House, 173 Euston Road NW1 2BJ.
TTIP: A shot in the arm for the global economy or the destruction of the NHS and the end to Democracy?
What is TTIP? How does[…]

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Putney Debates 8th Planning Meeting: Wed 16th July

Minutes Putney Debates 8th Planning Meeting:
Wed 16th July 6.45pm
Present: Obi, Dave, Mike G, Julie, Pete D Apologies: Carl, Elenna

Maybe it’s the heat but bits of the potential programme seem to be ballooning beyond my mental grasp. So please check & find/suggest a place for your event (or the one you want that’s[…]

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