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Waiting for Bailiffs and TSG by Norbert Lawrie

Waiting for the Bailiffs and TSG
February 24th Update.
Most of the residents here in mega-rich Mayfair are well, as you would expect… The mega-rich, except of course, the occupying cure and crew here to relieve and if nothing else, exposing that disease which is really best described as excessive greed.
The Love Activists London[…]

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Sad Upsetting Morning by Lauren Hopkins

Update: 5th April 2015.
Wanted to let you know that my neighbour Eric died in hospital Friday so thanks so much to you for sharing my original post, and please pass it on with lots of love xxx ~Lauren Hopkins.

Sad upsetting morning. Elderly man knocks on my door with no shoes and[…]

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By Peter Dombi; cross-posted from Our Broken System
This week we saw yet another scandal involving our banking system, when it turned out that HSBC have not only been facilitating large-scale tax avoidance and tax evasion via their Swiss subsidiary, but have even been advising their wealthy clients on how is the best way[…]

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Occupy Democracy wrongful arrest update

Wrongful arrest update! Good News. By Donnachadh Mccarthy
Just a quick note to say that the police have informed my solicitor that no charges will be laid against me after their aggressive over the top mauling of me at the Occupy Democracy peacful protest in Tarpaulin Square on Saturday evening.
Huge thanks to the huge[…]

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Dying4HeatIV -Gas Bills Kill by Dan Ashman.

DYING4HEAT IV – Unacceptable accepted murder
The simple fact is some people are willfully preventing access to warmth, an essential for survival. The disregard to the sanctity of life of our fellow community members, of which last year, 7000; grandmas, grandads,mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters were murdered for record high profit margins to[…]

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Protester holding a coffin branded “UK Democracy R.I.P.” arrested on Parliament Square

Despite Judicial Review police disrupt peaceful pro-democracy protests under the cover of darkness

Freedom of the press threatened as NUJ members threatened with arrest and independent livestreamer arrested.

Under the cover of darkness the Metropolitan police’s Territorial Support Group (TSG) officers, on[…]

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Valentine’s Day on Parliament Square, an occupier’s view

It was Sisters Uncut and Divestment Day, it was a vigil for the ‘death of democracy’ and it was Occupy Love. It was Occupy Democracy #5, five cold winter months of assembling at the doors of power, demanding a voice for ordinary folk.
Scriptonite spoke, so did Josh from London Black Revs. Citizen journalists captured[…]

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Evict the Bailiffs demo by Norbert Lawrie

Evict the Bailiffs Demo by Norbert Lawrie
Two of our crew are missing
Never is there a dull moment with the Love Activists (London), there really is some amazing characters amongst our crew and extended group of housing and in the general sense activists.
That has to also include the crew we call the Bohemians[…]

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Do you love the idea of a corruption free, transparent, accountable and representative democracy? Do you believe that respect and human dignity should be at the heart of what we are doing, for ourselves, for each other, for society, for our environment and for the kind of democratic governance we seek?

Then join Occupy[…]

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