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MPs, Unions and campaign groups defend the right to Occupy

One year after the Con Dem government criminalised residential squatting their next move is to criminalise all squatting including political occupations.
What would further anti-squatting laws mean for the right to protest?
We do not know exactly what form a new law would take, but we can find some clues. Section 144, the current law[…]

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Occupy London in Canary Wharf – Another World Now! People’s Assembly and FLF

What: People’s Assembly in Canary Wharf – Because democracy is too big to fail
Where: Canary Wharf. Exact location to be announced on the day
When: They Owe Us events begin from 12.30pm Friday 14 June onwards. Occupy London’s People’s Assembly begins 3pm.


This Friday in the lead up to the G8, Occupy London[…]

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Statement of Solidarity

(approved by the Occupy London General Assembly on the steps of S.Pauls on the 31st May 2013)
Occupy London stands in solidarity with all who refuse to accept the current unsustainable, unjust and undemocratic system. We want structural change towards authentic global equality.The world’s resources must go towards sustainable care-taking of people and planet,[…]

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No Dash For Gas interview on Grassroots Takeover

Badgers Vs. The BNP, No Dash For Gas and Ali on the BBC, by Grassrootstakeover on Mixcloud[…]

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UAF & English Disco Lovers, Save the Badgers Demo anti-fascist Demo 01/06/2013

Bambuser channels: Vicaolsx & Occupynewsnetwork.
Start of the day: Gathering of the people.


Parliament Square

St. Margaret St. where the BNP had gathered. Murdoch’s The Sun had reported 150 BNP members, but they were more likely counting the photographers taking photos of the BNP and the police protecting the site from anti-facist[…]

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Unite Against Fascism & English Disco Lovers counter-demo against Fascism. Bank Holiday Monday 27th May 2013.

Live video stream from that day.

19mins onwards bottles started to be thrown. Someone posted that it came from behind the Sikhs towards the EDL.
I have not seen that video and not according to this stream.

Leaving the cordon going towards Westminster.

Westminster Tube Station.

Legal Observer @TheJanieMac

Aftermath of EDL demo. According to[…]

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London March Against Monsanto 25th May 2013

2 million protestors. 52 Cities.
This is the livestream of the London Demo. Small barely a thousand, but good for a first Demo. 300 ended up having a tour of London along with the Hare Krishna band.

March Against Monsanto: Tour of London.

Outside the U.S. Embassy.[…]

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Spain’s economy shrank for the[…]

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International Demonstration – People United Against Austerity!


Europe is under a violent attack by the financial capital, represented by the troika (IMF, ECB, EC) and by the successive governments that apply concerted policies with these entities, despising and destroying the people. We know that this offensive is set on breaking the peoples, rendering them slaves of debt and austerity. This offensive[…]

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