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David & Goliath – Drug Policy and Russell Brand by Andria E-Mordaunt

Years ago, my then-therapist, who knew I’d been deeply involved in drug policy reform, suggested I contact Russell Brand as he was also speaking out against unhelpful drug legislation. I had stopped watching TV, so barely knew who he was.
Fast forward to early 2014, and he is suddenly an acquaintance: fellow ex-drug[…]

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Tories try to sneak in laws opening parks to Frackers and Nuclear waste

There’s also the part that these fracking holes can then be used to store nuclear waste. Wonder what that would do to the environment and the house prices of Tory voters?[…]

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COP21 – Saturday 12th December: Action in solidarity with Paris activists

COP21 – A deal that kills our planet is no deal for us
Join our red lines action!
As the UN climate talks in Paris draw to a close, activists in Paris, despite the state of emergency, will be finding creative ways to make their voices heard and to remind the world of what is[…]

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Judge Langley Gives Green Light to CORRUPTION!

Judge Langley Gives Green Light to CORRUPTION!
Women`s charity kicking out homeless women, including one pregnant, onto the streets who have been searching for a place to stay this winter.
They wanted to surprise the homeless in the area, along with people who are looking for company from the local community, with Christmas dinner this[…]

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This is how you shut down a pipeline

<iframe src="https://www Related Site.youtube.com/embed/H1TRW1oVgu0″ width=”660″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>
Today people in so called “Quebec” shut down the valve of Enbridge’s controversial Line 9B pipeline, essentially cutting the flow of tar sands oil to eastern “Canada”[…]

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Mark and Ali on Grassroots Takeover discuss their trip to Calais a few days after the Paris terrorist attacks. They look at what’s happening in the refugee camp and what to do if you’re planning on making the trip over. They also look at how to make ourselves safer in the face of terrorism and[…]

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Syria Vote: Once again Parliament fails the people

Parliament’s vote to join in the bombing of targets in Syria, with a majority made respectable only with the backing of 66 pro-war Labour MPs, will do nothing to defeat Islamic State (Isis) and everything to stoke international tensions and a drive to war.
The vote also shows once again how out[…]

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Protest: Don’t vote to bomb Syria

David Cameron has announced that MPs will this Wednesday 2 December vote on bombing Syria.
Stop the War is asking all its groups and supporters to protest on Tuesday 1 December, against plans for bombing, the day before the vote.
In London we will[…]

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30 bailiffs were resisted by the community activists during the eviction of this 2 year long empty building. The squatters were in the building for approximately 2 weeks. The judge on Friday 27th November 2015 was swift in his judgement to evict.


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