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Listen here to interviews and highlights from Grow Heathrow’s 6th birthday party!

London’s most famous eco-squat celebrates 6 years of inspired resistance. We go along to the party and talk to activists there about their struggles, their successes and our shared future.
Support our show here: www.patreon.com/grassrootstakeover[…]

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Join the March for No Jobs!

‘The goal of the future is full unemployment’ – Arthur C. Clarke
On Saturday April 16, join Radical Assembly in marching for a future without work.
Technology is removing jobs at an incredible pace, from factories, supermarkets, from offices, soon even from the roads. The left should recognise the mobilising potential of a call for[…]

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Shut Down Security and Policing 2016!

Join a mass demonstration outside the Home Office to demand an end to their secretive ‘Security and Policing 2016’ event happening this March in Farnborough.
We’ll start at 5pm sharp to make sure we are there when Home Office staff are leaving for the day. We’ll be sharing stories of state repression and[…]

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By Peter Dombi; cross-posted from Our Broken System
The news this week has been full of comment about Google, its dreadful tax avoidance, and the way it managed to strike a cosy deal with the Inland Revenue to get away with paying only 10% of the tax that should have been due on its[…]

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Calais – Under Attack and Fighting Back!

Calais – Under Attack and Fighting Back!
30% of the camp is being cleared by force. Successful solidarity is being met by naked state power. But resistance is fertile![…]

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Hedge funds helped wreck Puerto Rico

Hedge funds helped wreck Puerto Rico by Aengus mac Og.
It’s another symptom of the way things are within this corrupt and untethered political and economic system.
Puerto Rico as we know is not one of the wealthiest places in the world and is slowly but surely going bankrupt. I hear today that US hedge[…]

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I was once a Refugee by Nina

I was once once a Refugee by Nina Moniri.
I was once a refugee
I am the child of refugees.
Two hard working people who left a hazardous existence in the hope that one day I would have the security and safety they didn’t have.
What would’ve happened to us if we hadn’t left I[…]

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Christmas in Lesvos – beauty, tragedy & hope (an occupier’s perspective)

Skala Sykamineas hugs a tiny harbour. Aquamarine water laps the rocky shore and fishermen tend their nets watched by curious cats. Inland, it’s harvest time in the olive groves and orange orchards. Free range sheep lazily graze, waiting to be milked. The village shop sells fresh yogurt in unglazed terracotta pots.
Dolphins frolic around a[…]

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This is Christmas and what have you done…

This is Christmas and what have you done… by Tina Louise Rothery
That line “And so this is Christmas and what have you done…” is in my head and I thought I’d post a little something before I head off to family time. Then I started thinking about stuff that has happened since last year…[…]

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