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Occupy Nomads, the Inside story

Hazel (aka Em) occupied at St Paul’s and now helps out where she can with all things Occupy, most labour-intensively with The Occupied Times. Here she reports on her visit to the Occupy Nomads camp. You can follow her blog at hazelhedge.wordpress.com
The Nomadic Occupy group are currently camped in a corner of Haggerston Park,[…]

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Roving Assembly City of London Tour 7th July 2012.

Start from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Original site of the moots to vote on the Lord Mayor of the City of London

Main Event.

Liverpool Street. Deutche Bank jobsworths.[…]

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Banking is rotten to the core

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK have fined Barclays Bank a combined $450million for manipulating the LIBOR rate over a period of years.
Why isn’t a criminal investigation underway?
1. London InterBank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is used to reference $360trillion[…]

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Last Thursday Club: Greg Palast, Vultures’ Picnic

The Last Thursday Club:
Greg Palast – Vultures’ Picnic (How Goldman sacked Greece)
Catherine Brogan – Poetry.
Brian Basham.[…]

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Postponement of the Fuel tax hike – comment from OL Economics Working Group

Commenting today on the postponement of the fuel tax hike that will now apparently be delayed until January, Tom Moriarty of Occupy London’s Economic Working Group said:
“It is further confirmation of the Chancellor’s misguided approach to tackling the current economic crisis and a tacit admission that austerity is not working. It is clear[…]

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#ACTA Protest, #CISPA 09/06/12

Surviving Progress
Your browser does not support iframes.[…]

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Commons and Commoning – First meeting.

Part 1
Your browser does not support iframes.
Part 2
Your browser does not support iframes.[…]

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No Nato #Peacestrike Vigil at Parliament Square. 20-21/05/12

Maria alongside some of her supporters had a No Nato #Peacestrike Vigil at Parliament Square.  starting from the evening of the 20th to the morning of 21st of May 2012.
We were barely half a dozen, yet at the same time tens of thousands were in the Occupy Chicago event.

2300 hours with Maria, outside[…]

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May 12, Meet the 1%. Occupy May

Start at St. Paul’s Cathedral
Your browser does not support iframes.
Police attempting to kettle the march at the end of this video.
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Your browser does not support iframes.
Footage of main march.
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Bank of England and Police Cordon.
Your browser does not[…]

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