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Roaming G.A. Feb. 3rd 2012.

OccupyLSX Roaming General Assembly
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If you would like to follow the whole Roaming G.A. Please follow the links to the Bambuser Channel OccupyLSX.[…]

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GA Minutes – 31st January 2012

Location: TCU
Start time: 19:00
End time: 21:15
Facilitator: Vica
Minutes: Lilias, Tina
Launched website. Contains how to livestream, can do it on smartphone, can show you how to protect yourself. OccupyLondonTV.co.uk For eviction, you can do livestreaming from a smartphone, 30 seconds to show you how to do it. Tactics, police, excessive violence.[…]

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Working Groups G.A. Jan. 31st 2012

Working Group G.A. in a very cold night. No lights available.
Lots of preamble, but shows what life can be like in the OccupyLSX Camp. ..with Bells!
Your browser does not support iframes.[…]

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GA Minutes – Saturday 28th January 2012

Event: General Assembly
Location: Tent City University
Date: 28 January 2012
Weather: Cold, no wind. partly cloudy, low crescent moon, stars.
Facilitator: Mark W
Stack: Ben
Minutes: John
Starts: 7.15pm
[minutes for first few minutes of meeting to be inserted]
International Outreach: Want to send a call out for support for eviction. We wanted to[…]

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GA Minutes – Friday 27th January 2012

Event: General Assembly
Location: Steps of St Paul’s
Weather: Few degrees above freezing. No wind. Stars in the sky. Crescent moon.
Date: 27 January 2012
Facilitator: Saskia
Stack: Julie
Minutes: John
Starts: 7.29pm
Facilitator: Welcome to the general assembly. I know there is a lot of tension.
[explanation of hand signals]
Reads initial statement…

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GA WG Minutes – Wednesday 25th January 2012

Event: GA Working Group – (Issue Resolution and Process Improvement)
Location: Salvation Army Cafe
Date: 25th January 2012
Starts: 2.30pm
Present: Ben, Simon, Akila, Ruth, John
John: Let’s collect issues.
Ben: Get back to having GA forward planning meetings. Better communication. Better sight on what isn’t covered. Better understanding about what the process is.

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GA Minutes – Wednesday 25th January 2012

General Assembly 25th January 2012 – Tent City University
Facilitators – Ben & Arun
Minutes by Sara, Ruth, Jack
Relationships and Affiliations – Internal & External
E.g. Guardian Piece – When an occupier put forward personal opinions and the paper repeated them as representing the whole of Occupy.
We are supporters of Occupy movement[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm 24 January 2012

Working Group Feedback
Communication w.g.
Specifically about eviction. The most important thing to do now is to get the contacts of all the friends you got to make here. Make sure you know how to contact them in the future. Also, take responsibility on you to make sure that the information is flowing. Spread the[…]

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GA Minutes – Wednesday 18th January 2012

Event: General Assembly
Date: Wednesday 18th January 2012
Location: Steps of St Paul’s
Facilitator: Saskia
Minutes: John
Stack: Ben
Livestream: Nafeesa
Weather: Mild, dry, slight breeze.
Starts: 7.19pm
Facilitator: Had a great day, you should have seen their faces as we walked back here. St Paul’s is our home.
Legal: Occupy Justice: war, green issues,[…]

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