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General Assembly – 2nd June 2012

Steps Of St Paul’s – 2pm
Weather – Lovely, Sunny Day
Number Present – Around 20
Proposal 1 – Occupy London to support the Carnival of Dirt
Jack – The Corporations Working Group proposes that Occupy London lends its support and varied skills to the Carnival of Dirt. It would be greatly strengthened by having[…]

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General Assembly – 1st June 2012

1st June 2012 – GA, St Paul’s (minutes Matt Varnham)

Occupy Rio + proposal – Peter Colville

Peter: in a few weeks time, 21st-26th world leaders are meeting in Rio 20 years after the Earth summit establishing the Kyoto Protocols. Over last few weeks,EEE WG have been in contact with OWS, Occupy Vancouver and others[…]

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Occupy London General Assembly – 18.5.12

Weather: Dry, warmish turning cooler as the night wore on!
Facilitator: Liz Beech
Minute Taker: Harj Dhillon
Present: 7 occupiers- with a few arriving as meeting went on.
Introduction: LB read out the SSP & GA’s hand signals.
a) 1 Finsbury Square finance proposal : Sanitation + Gas= £170
* Van hire + graffiti removal+[…]

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General Assembly – Friday 4th May 2012

Steps of St Pauls – 7:00pm Weather – Unseasonably bitter and cold
Facilitation – Liz / Vica Note taker – Jack
Proposals for consensus / discussion
1. Proposal for May Funding. – PASSED WITH AMMENDMENT
2. Request for travel expenses. – BLOCKED
3. Proposal to clarify objections, amendments, blocks. – DISCUSSED
4. Proposal for post-ratification[…]

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Working Group Assembly – 3rd March 2012

Working Group Assembly – 3rd April 2012
Facilitator – Vica Minutes – Jack
Court hearings for those arrested in N9 attempting to Occupy Trafalgar Sq. This case is important. We could see a change to the law revolving around the use of section 5 of the criminal justice act, which has been used[…]

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General Assembly – 31st March 2012

General Assembly 31st March 2012
A very blustery, cold day
Facilitator – Simon Minutes – Jack
Simon – First, a finance proposal
Proposal – £370 to Finsbury Square, £100 to Lime-house
Test for Consensus
2 stand asides – [request by the people standing aside, to have them registered]
CONSENSUS REACHED – no further tests

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Working Group Assembly 27th March

Facilitator: Jonn
Minutes: Tina
Location: outside Royal Opera Hall
Start: 19:05
End: 21:30
Jonni – Everyone knows the hand signals. In the process group we decided to do a working group assembly as normal, try and limit that to an hour. Then have a discussion about certain things that have been happening at the[…]

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Working Groups Assembly – 20th March 2012

Working Group Assembly – 20th March 2012
Feedback from the May meetings, this is info for all WGs and your involvement
1st May – There’ll be marches across Europe tied into labour day. AS much involvement as possible. The 1st is about engagement, having a discussion and maybe a music event. This needs[…]

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Finance G.A. Meeting: Tuesday Feb. 11th 2012


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