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General Assembly 7/213

Fascilitator:- Leon
Proposals for consensus/discussion.

1. – “The 99% Against Austerity” – Discussion with Organiser Dan Morgan

2.Finance proposal by Peter Dombi £ for 1500 more copies of the little book of ideas. -Passed

 3.Finance proposal by Ben Cavanna £161.70p for 2years subscription to group spaces -Amended

 – Other business and shout outs

1. Dan[…]

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General Assembly 24th of January 2013

Westminster Meeting House 7pm
Facilitators Mark and Vica
Attendance: 50/60
Minutes Mark, Tina
7:15pm – Welcome, Explain Agenda, Demonstrate Hand signals
7:30pm – 99% Against Coalition
7:45pm – DPAC proposal, discussion. Possible action points.
9:00pm – Any other Business / Shout outs
9:30pm – End
Click Here For – Livestream
Summary and Conclusions (Detailed[…]

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General Assembly 21st November 2012

Royal Festival Hall 7pm
Facilitator – Liz / Saskia
Minutes – Jack
Proposal – Climate Siren Costs
CONSENSUS – Only 3 attendees consent, all others STAND ASIDE – £500 between 4 people.
Proposal – Obstruction Charges Indemnity
CONSENSUS – £500 indemnity granted.
Discussion – The future of GAs

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26.09.12 General Assembly Friern Barnet Library

Date: 28 September 2012
Event: People’s Assembly
Location: Friern Barnet Library
Minutes: John
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
Facilitator: Mark
Starts: 7.30pm
Mark: Thanks for coming. First GA for a few weeks. Let’s go around and introduce ourselves. Hi I’m Mark!
Helen: I’m doing some research for my dissertation.
Vica: Also involved in Occupy since October.
John: I’m[…]

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Roving General Assembly: 10/08/12 Southbank.

Roving General Assembly decided to go to Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank.
Proposal: Banking Reform.
Facilitator: Chris FD.
Lots of noisy people. Great weather for people to visit the riverside.

The issues of banking reform are massive and often complex. Best ‘solutions’ in one area often depend on choices made in another and can vary over[…]

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General Asssembly 5th Aug 2012.

Subject: Where are we at and plans for the future.
Facilitator: Melanie.
Proposal from Sean for next Friday’s Roving General Assembly to Southbank. Sunday’s General Assembly to another place, other than St. Paul’s steps.[…]

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Roving General Assembly 03/08/12: New Scotland Yard Live stream

Roving General Assembly to New Scotland Yard: LIBOR and Bang up the Banksters.

From Tammy’s Perpective.

Akira update about ATOS

Atos wins £400m deals to carry out disability benefit tests

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General Assembly 29th July 2012. Meet St. Paul’s

General Assembly 29th July 2012.[…]

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General Assembly July 22nd 2012.

Started out with just three attendees. Steve B., Akira and Obi. Malcolm and Jonathan joined afterwards.
As the EEE meeting finished, some joined about 30 minutes later. More people participated when we ended up having a Speaker’s Corner on the steps of the Cathedral.
1. P.A. system was useful as the crowd on the steps[…]

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