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G.A. Steps of St. Paul’s Saturday 5th July 2014

G.A. Steps of St. Paul’s Saturday 5th July 2014.
Facilitator: David
Minutes: Janette
Livestream: Obi

It was a pity that we only had about ten people attending. Then again, there were several events in London: Palestinian Solidarity outside the Israeli Embassy, NHS Birthday Party in Regent’s Park, E15 Single Mothers demo in Stratford.

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G.A. Saturday 7th June 2014. 3GA Model and the TTIP.

Agenda GA Planning
1. The merits of the 3 GA model v. the classic GA model (or another model?).
2. TTIP: A presentation of the main issues, followed by breakout groups to discuss how Occupy London can best contribute to making the STOP TTIP day of action on 12th July a big success. To discuss[…]

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OL General Assembly 5.4.14 MINUTES

Minutes from Occupy London General Assembly on 5th April 2014 on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral, London.
Facilitator: Liz + Em.  Minutes: Simon.
Working Group Feedback:
Website Group: Questions about whether to move from a WordPress site to a tailor made site. There is no WordPress or similar type site that will provide the[…]

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60-80 people participated in this assembly on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. Minutes to follow, livestream below.
Courtesy of the Occupylsx Bambuser channel you can view the GA even if you weren’t able to be there. The GA’s are livestreamed as often as Occupy can manage to[…]

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Steps of St Paul’s 3pm-5pm. Sunny, mild with no wind.
Numbers present ranged between 65 and 100 at different times throughout the GA.
This assembly marks 2 years since the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp was evicted.
Facilitation – Jamie M and Em; note taker – Lilias; livestreamer – Obi; timekeeper – Ben C; minute[…]

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28.2.14 GA

A General Assembly was called (Common House, 7pm for 7.30) at relatively short notice (6 days) to discuss one specific proposal which had been the subject of much discussion at Strategy meetings and online.
The proposal did not reach consensus.
The proposal was:
 The (monthly) Strategy  meeting will have the decision making powers of[…]

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Strategy Meeting 22.2.14

Present : Mark W, Inka, Simon, Julie T, George, Maria, Tim F , Steve B, John S, Brazilian guy, Areef, Economics lady, David, maybe others?
2 newcomers – Areef and Simon (both male)
Late comer – Chris from Oxford
Later comer – Earthian
Latest (at the end) Vica
Facilitator – George first half /// Maria[…]

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Strategy Meeting 19 Jan 2014

Present: Mark, Ali, Jamie, Steve, Andria, Ellie, Steve, George, Maria, Vica, Obi, Ellena, Clive
Monthly strategy meeting – planning for the next year; reflecting where we’re at.
Occupy values 12:15 to 13:45 Jamie and Mark
What keeps people active and shared ideas across the various working groups? Why does consensus
work or breakdown? Need a[…]

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Occupy Barnet meeting 15-01-14

Occupy Barnet Meeting Minutes
Where: Mill Hill Bohemia
When: 7:30pm 15-01-14
6 in attendance.
Agenda and points:
De-Briefs: Mike Freer MP Christmas Carol Action and..
Whittington Hospital Action. – Discussion regarding successes and improvements.
Outreach: Space needed on Occupy London website with time line of actions and links to FB page and email.
Bedroom Tax:[…]

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