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Remember Sabra and Shatila: 35th Anniversary of the Massacre

Remember Sabra and Shatila: 35th Anniversary of the Massacre.
In the summer of 1982, “PLO fighters” (ie Palestinian men of fighting age) were evacuated from Beirut, and the women, children and elderly people left behind began to rebuild their lives during the respite from Israeli shelling and air raids. On 15 September 1982,[…]

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Time to dump Trump

Time to dump Trump by Corinna Lotz

This is a mirror of the original article here http://realdemocracymovement.org/charlottesville/
Trump’s comments about the conflict in Charlottesville at yesterday’s news conference – if it can be called that – have sent shock waves around the United States.
Veteran presenters on CBS television said they had “never seen a[…]

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Birmingham Refuse Workers Strike, Vive La Résistance

Birmingham Refuse Workers Strike, vive la resistance

yey! refuse workers have just been in our road, 5 weeks since the wheelie bin got emptied, 4 weeks since they last came to collect loose bags in the street, they’ve just swept the paving, , how we’ve missed them …………………. but long live the resistance, solidarity with[…]

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Left wondering what’s happening in Venezuela?

I don’t know enough about the situation. Was this corruption and/or incompetence from the Venezuelan government of Chavez and Maduro? Or another American Imperial move to keep a neoliberal Capitalist hold on Venezualan oil? Apologies for posting here. A number of leftwing activists seem to defend Venezuela no matter what happens and I would like[…]

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To all at Preston New Road – by Tina Louise



To all at Preston New Road… we’ve faced this situation time and again for 6 years as evidenced in this beautiful memory showing the welcome from residents of Balcombe …to Protectors at BALCOMBE COMMUNITY PROTECTION CAMP.
Misinformation in the press, agitators sent by PR companies to divide us, challenges never before encountered and[…]

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The Lock-On Song

The Lock-On Song by Tim Williams

The people have said no you know
And that’s how it’s gotta be.
You stand there in your power
It’s a moment of destiny.
You simply will not let them
Desecrate the earth
You know you cannot let them
Release their deadly curse.
Something deep inside of you

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Remember Ride London 2017

As cyclists enjoy the beautiful Surrey and Sussex countryside and take on the iconic climbs of Leith Hill and Box Hill, remember that the land here is threatened by the unconventional oil industry. Companies operating under the umbrella organisation UKOG want to drill down several kilometres and then use pervasive processes known as #fracking and[…]

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Orchestral Maneuvers at PNR

Orchestral Maneuvers at PNR…
Had to take a few hours of pause away from Preston New Road… re-charging all that is running low on what’s needed to proceed; from phones and laptops, to self. I haven’t caught up with changes since I left before lunch – there were still four mighty truck surfers holding trucks[…]

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Yes, the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created alot of value for shareholders

Yes, the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created alot of value for shareholders.
There is a shocking and naive assumption that business people know how to govern nations as they do in their companies. Thus we get Trump and the Tories. The problem about this stupidity is that one[…]

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