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Brighton Court Update And The Barton Moss Frontline.


Balcombe 5 Court Update. by Kris O’Donnell

Balcombe defendants outside Brighton Magistrates Court. Photo: Kris O'Donnell

Balcombe defendants outside Brighton Magistrates Court. Photo: Kris O’Donnell

The Court is adjourned until April 17th at 10:30 for last defence witness to testify. Four defence witnesses took the stand today. ~Kris O’Donnell.

More via the Livestream update at Occupy Mayday Channel.

Barton Moss update 27th March 2014. Livestreamers being targeted by the GM Police. by Alina Winterfell Friedman

Alina Friedman. Barton Moss Protection Camp.

Alina Winterfell Friedman. Barton Moss Protection Camp.

So got arrested again yesterday for obstruction of a police officer. Twice in two weeks now, all because they went to arrest our livestreamer to get his phone which he then passed to a woman who was assaulted by several officers so bad she’s hurt her arm and has had to go to hospital. As she was being attacked, she dropped the phone, I grabbed it and moved away and was pounced by several officers who tackled me to the ground, ripped my knee through two layers of clothes, grabbed and yanked my hair and bruised both my hands as they pried the phone from my hands. They also tried to take the camp smartphone away which I didn’t let them do.

I then got up and walked off and the officer who assaulted me walked up and took me off ”for a chat” but told me not to worry because he wasn’t going to arrest me. He said I *could* be arrested but he saw no need for it and demanded I give him my details. I refused because I was not being detained and he arrested me anyway, led me into the van and attempted to illegally search me himself alone in the van. I started shouting for a female officer, at which point he said ”shut up, woman” and closed the van. He then turned and smirked at me in the kind of psychotic ”I can do anything I want to you now” manner and I carried on shouting until another officer entered the van and said he was fetching the female PC to do the search.

At the police station I got a horrible person at the reception desk who denied me my phonecall, denied me a blanket, water, food, copy of PACE or a book because I didn’t ask him nicely enough. I was left shivering in pain in the cell with nothing. Later on a detention officer took pity and brought me a blanket and water and later on said he supported us. My bail variation hearing is on Wednesday and after bail gets lifted I am coming back to camp. GMP, you can arrest me, beat me, intimidate me, attempt to violate me but I am just going to keep coming back because not you or anyone on this earth can keep me away from my home.

~ Alina Winterfell Friedman

Footage of this from yesterday just came out but it doesn’t get the bit where I’m assaulted, as the cameras were pointed at the woman being arrested at the time.

Livestream from Frank’s phone. Last 2mins, he is told he’s going to be arrested, hands the phone over, you can hear Debbie being assaulted, then I pick it up. Then, as I’m thrown to the ground it cuts off.

11th March 2014 TAU are used to assault peaceful protesters on Barton Moss. In this clip TAU 11525 with beard grabs camera from member of the public filming the policing of protest on Barton Moss. Another TAU thug used a similar tactic to disable my filming of the protest shortly after this incident. The cameraman is later arrested for “Section 4a Public Order” and his mobile phone with video live feed is confiscated, removing one live feed from Barton Moss protection site. It is difficult to see who exactly would be offended by anything that the cameraman said whilst in a farmers field.
~Steve Spy


Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

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Greater Manchester Police accused of disproportionate force as policing cost of anti-fracking protest set to reach £1m


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