Boris gets mic-checked


On November 7th, 2011, Boris Johnson hosted a “People’s Question Time” at Queen’s Theatre in Hornchuch. In the middle of the event about policing, transport, and the 2012 Olympic Games, Boris got mic-checked:


We find it amusing

That Boris Johnson

Is pretending to listen to questions

While the government for the people

Consistently ignores its people’s voices

We stand in this theatre

As people stand up all over the world

Demanding that those in authority hear us.

We will have an open and fair society

Where those in need are taken care of

Before the interests of corporate wealth

Where the London we can be proud of

Is not just cleaned up for 2012

But where its children are fed,

its people have homes,

And its democracy is real.

This is just the beginning.

In the name of God and mammon,

we’re not going anywhere.

Those standing up for the 99% got dragged out by security before they could finish their words. An official “Question Time” for the public is not just about hearing what you want to hear, and the format of an “open forum” with politicians has become a farce — thanks for proving our point, Boris.

© 2012 Occupy London
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