Democracy Action Working Group (DAWG): Minutes 10.4.14

Occupy London DAWG Meeting: Thursday 10th April 2014 6pm
[please note next meeting @ Friends House, Euston; starts at 6.00 pm on Thurs. 17th April]
Present: John, Sam, Dean, Chris, George B, Maria S, Maria 2, Steve, Janie Mac, Ali, George, Jamie
Minute Taker – Sam. (I’ve summarised a lot, as there was much said,[…]

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Let’s stop talking about HFT for a little while.

By Cathy O’Neil, a data scientist and member of the Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking group. Cross posted from mathbabe
HFT – High Frequency Trading.
It’s unusual that I find myself in the position of defending Wall Street activities, but here goes.
I just don’t think HFT is that big of a deal relative to[…]

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HOLT- Hands Off London Transport MEETING 18.3.14.

Attendance: Olly, Becky, Obi, Roger, Katie, Dan, Rob, Dave.
We reviewed activities up until now and agreed that, given the short time period the group had worked together, the activities/actions had been successful including:
A well attended public meeting
Public meetings at underground stations
General support for strike action
Roger had[…]

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Don’t sacrifice EU environmental standards to get trade deal with US, warns Greenpeace policy director

Don’t sacrifice EU environmental standards to get trade deal with US, warns Greenpeace policy director
April 9, 2014 – Food & Agriculture
In an exclusive interview with viEUws, Marco Contiero – Greenpeace’s EU agriculture policy director – talks to AGRA FACTS journalist Rose O’Donovan about the future challenges for EU agriculture and discusses the potential[…]

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Rio Tinto the Ugly Truth. Livestream by Occupy Mayday.

Rio Tinto the Ugly Truth. Livestream by Occupy Mayday.
London-based Rio Tinto is one of the biggest mining companies in the world. It has a long history of conflict with communities and workers.
This meeting shows us the Voices of Resistance against these corporations poisoning the world for their profit.
This is the live video[…]

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Energy, Equity & Environment: update & resources

The Occupy London Energy, Equity & Environment working group (EEE) decided towards the beginning of this year to focus on fracking and food.
On April 5th, discussion moved to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and how this proposed deal to hand further power to corporations will affect fracking, food, and so much[…]

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Whose West Hendon? Our West Hendon!

Whose West Hendon? Our West Hendon! by Accidental Anarchist.
Last night I went to support a local community group try and deliver a petition about housing and evictions to Matthew Offord Tory MP for Hendon at a public meeting in their community. A crowd of locals numbering 50 with banners and placards marched down the[…]

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Protest at the Argus Biomass Traders Conference 2014, by Pete Deane.

BioFuelWatch Alternative Awards Ceremony by Pete Deane.
We had a really fun protest last night. The organisers thought they had fooled us with a last minute switch of venue but we tracked them down. Here are Rhythms of Resistance belting it out. Thanks to the Occupistas who attended and Occupy London for the support.

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EWG meeting on Friday 11th April 2014 – minutes

Present: Bharat, Steve B, John, Omar, Janos, Steve M, Schlacke, Clive
1. Review minutes – amended as per Dave – approved
2. CCMJ set up in 1960s. In 1990s meetings went to House of Commons but the planning people continued to meet in a café and then Friends House, followed by SES. SES is focused[…]

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