Democracy Action Working Group (DAWG) minutes 17.4.14

Note: DAWG is meeting regularly, on Thursdays, 6-8pm at Friends’ House, Euston.
However, on May 1st other activities may take precedence.

Present : Janie Mac, Dan C, George B, Steve B, Chris FD + 1 (name not known, apologies).
Minutes by Steve B.


                 1. Functionality of the group ..
                     process problems ..
                     call to[…]

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75,000 companies that could sue governments due to TTIP

75,000 companies that could sue governments due to TTIP
Governments that pass legislation in the name of the public good in areas like financial reform, environmental protection, worker and consumer rights, could be sued by foreign corporations in special private trade tribunals under the controversial Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism proposed under[…]

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TUC Demo (18 Oct 2014) & the Media, by @Obi_Live

TUC Demo (18 Oct 2014) & the Media, by @Obi_Live
This autumn the TUC is to organise a mass demonstration in London under the banner of Britain Needs a Pay Rise. It will take place on Saturday 18 October 2014, and will begin with a march through central London, culminating in a rally in Hyde[…]

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Occupy Wonga: May Day

Press Release: OCCUPY WONGA

On May Day 2014, Occupy Wonga will be breaking off from the main May Day parade to visit a secret target connected to pay day loans. This action is in Solidarity with a worldwide day of action on Mayday 2014.
There will be an Occupy London General Assembly as part of[…]

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Debt Bondage, Pay Day Loans & Modern Slavery – by the Accidental Anarchist

During my childhood I was given an insight to social stigmas and problems from a very early age, things I do believe shaped and made me the fighter I am today. Fortunate enough to live in the countryside we had a house where unmarried mothers came to stay during their pregnancies, my parents looking after[…]

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Taking Part in the DPAC National Conference – 12th April 2014
We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone who can come to our national conference on Saturday but it is also important that those of you who can’t get there in person are able to take part. There are a number of[…]

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Cat Hill organising meeting 19/04/2014

The Save Cat Hill Protection Site have had their first organising meeting.
Occupy Granny Power!!! The cat hill blockade camp is growing, join us!
Cat Hill Protest
Occupy Barnet
Green Generation
Cat Hill, Cockfosters (Nearest Station Cockfosters)
Kris – Occupy Mayday reporting at Cat Hill Protection Camp. Day 4.

Cat Hill Protection Camp DTG19042014 Part1[…]

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What are the likely consequences of the TTIP trade deal?

The latest from Glyn Moody about the Cost to Benefit Ratio in the TTIP – Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Benefits amount to less than 0.05% extra GDP added per year and the costs are a cause for concern.
As we draw near to the conclusion of TAFTA/TTIP’s first year of negotiations, the detailed[…]

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EU Greens defeated on proposal for European Court to act as filter in Investor-State Dispute Settlements

Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) has been the focus of critics of the EU-US Free Trade Agreement/ TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) – and European Union (EU) Greens are against the inclusion of ISDS, which would allow corporations to take nation states to court in the event that national laws were detrimental to their profit[…]

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