Occupation at Central Saint Martins

Occupation at Central Saint Martins by Samia Malik.
I’m over the MOON about occupation at Central Saint Martins. Huge respect to all UAL occupiers!! Central Saint Martins elite art school, with an internationally renown reputation. I’m a strong believer in education, creativity and art. Although I credit St martins to develop me as creative person,[…]

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Occupy to Deliver Arrest Warrant for Rupert Murdoch to News UK HQ – Monday, 23rd March

Press Contact: 07947 884299
This Monday morning, activists from the Occupy movement will deliver a giant arrest warrant detailing Rupert Murdoch’s crimes against democracy.
These crimes include:
War Crimes: All 175 of Rupert Murdoch’s global newspapers backed the disastrous illegal Iraq war.
Tax Avoidance: Murdoch’s News International has avoided billions of pounds[…]

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Economist tweets today that “People worry about immigration but vote for the NHS”

The Economist tweets today that “people worry about immigration but vote for the NHS” It’s the ‘but’ that seals it. Wow, these people must be stupid! I mean how could they do that? It makes me wonder who owns the Economist for it to be proffering such condescending ‘analysis’ and such patronising tone. There is[…]

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Exploring Our Conditioning by Ashman Dan.

Exploring Our Conditioning by Ashman Dan.
We are heavily conditioned, this has been pointed out time and time again. Even so I feel we must explore the conditioning, become aware, there will be many conclusion and bad feelings about yourself , about your capacity that have been in-grained. This has been essential in creating the[…]

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Reading the Times is like reading a Tory Party Newsletter

Reading the Times is like reading a Tory Party Newsletter by Aengus Mac Og
Reading the Times these days is like reading a Tory Party Newsletter and much more dangerous. Papers define themselves by what they ‘report’, how they report and what they leave out. The Times routinely misses stories that contravene the editorial policy[…]

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Austerity: Tales from the Resistance. Livestream.

Do you know what I love about this period in time right now? How we’ve sort of created our own heroes. To me, many of the people opposing the current economic/social/political order are legitimate heroes. And they didn’t become heroic by wailing in front of Simon Cowell, they became heroic by standing up for what’s[…]

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Homes For Britain sham rally

Why I’m not going to report on the “Homes for Britain” Rally in London.
Homes for Britain is backed and has within the likes of Barratts and other developers who are just using the situation of homelessness to profit at poor peoples loss as we have seen in West Hendon.
Homes for Britain is a[…]

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Building 17 made the Spectator

Building 17 has made the #Spectator. They do not seem to realise the point of taking over a building used by the Institute of Directors. Perhaps they expected theirs readers not to know that the purpose of squatting is to live in empty buildings?
From the Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians.
We’re squatters, so[…]

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Beware the march of the DORGs, Vote for Progress.

Beware the march of the DORGs.
DORG. It stands for Devolutionary Regressor. I’ve had to come up with the term because there isn’t a word to describe them but they’re out there, you know it, and they’re on the march. Their belief, in short, is that we as a society need to regress. They believe[…]

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