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Big Green Day this Sunday at St Paul’s – Occupying for people and planet

On Sunday 18 December, Occupy London will hold an event on environment and the economy. The event will take place in the camp at St Paul’s from 10am to late evening featuring expert speakers, debates, workshops, films, art and poetry. [1]
Speakers include Andrew Simms (New Economics Foundation), Ann Pettifor (Green New Deal Group), Joe Hall (Eradicating Ecocide) and Tamsin Omond (Climate Rush). There will be workshops on climate justice, renewable energy inititatives, tar sands, future energy scnenarios, biofuels and socio-spiritual democracy and gas fracking. Full programme at https://www.facebook.com/events/212293868846254/?ref=ts.
A spokesperson for the Energy Equity and Environment Working Group Group said: “Behind the economic crisis lies a deeper, and in the long term, more dangerous environmental crisis,” says Kate Horne, an organiser of the Big Green Day. “They are all caused by an endless quest for more profit, growth, and consumption. As the movement’s initial statement recognises, this is as much an environmental problem as it is a social and economic one.”
The Big Green Day comes just eight days after the conclusion of the annual United Nations climate change talks, in which civil society and some diplomats ‘occupied’ the negotiations to protest against the woeful lack of progress. [2] Many blame this failure on the narrow self-interest and the influence of powerful industry groups on governments – the very problems the Occupy movement is fighting against. 
“We are destroying the natural capital which our collective prosperity is based on, while the short-term benefits are siphoned off by the global 1%,” added Kate. “If we don’t act now, a few generations down the line this will be remembered as an era in which greed and corruption prevailed over science, reason and common compassion. This event is about looking at what changes we can make, looking at sustainable activites and then acting decisely.”
Occupy London’s Energy Equity and Environment Working Group invite individuals, and members of organisations and government, to join us to help co-create a positive, sustainable economic system that benefits present and future generations. Occupy is where we work together collectively to find real solutions. We are Occupying for People and Planet – come and join us this Sunday at St Paul’s!

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