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Bankers4Boris say sod Occupy London; call for George Osborne to follow Boris’ lead


Bankers organisation Bankers4Boris today called on Chancellor George Osborne to adopt a range of Boris Johnson’s policies in his autumn budget statement.

The group of bankers believe that, given the long-standing friendship between Osborne and Johnson, they should keep learning from each other on how to deal with the bottom 99%.

Bankers4Boris spokesman Ivor Lotadosh said: “George has made an absolutely excellent start. From massive public spending cuts, to driving up youth unemployment, to cutting corporation tax, George has consistently delivered for the 1%. But more can always be done.

“At difficult times like this for the country, we need all ideas thrown into the pot on how to drive down wages and increase profits in order to get business moving again. In looking for inspiration, Chancellor Osborne should take a lead from Mayor Boris who always ensures that the bankers come first, by opposing higher taxes on bankers and speaking out against the demonisation of bankers’ bonuses.”

Bankers4Boris have unveiled a Boris Barometer by which they will judge whether the Chancellor has sufficiently followed the Mayor’s lead. Its five tests are:

1. Boris Johnson is calling for an end to the 50p tax rate on earnings over £150,000. Will George Osborne end this unjust tax on hard working bankers?

2. Boris Johnson has called his £250,000 top-up salary for writing a Daily telegraph column “chicken feed”. Will George Osborne remove taxes on those forced to take on highly paid second jobs?

3. Boris Johnson has announced significant transport fare increases from 2012. Will George Osborne ensure that ordinary people face higher fares nationally, which would allow him to slash business taxes?

4. Boris Johnson is calling for a new airport in the city of London. Will George Osborne ensure every city has it own bankers airport so that we don’t have to mingle with the riff-raff?

5. Boris Johnson has dropped plans for a £25 congestion charge on “gas guzzler” 4x4s. Will the Chancellor follow his lead and reduce all taxes on Rolls Royces, limos and private jets?

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