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Bank of Ideas court proceedings – 2pm Monday 5 December


Representatives of the Bank of Ideas will be attending Court at 2pm on Monday to challenge the injunction that has been bought against them by lawyers acting on behalf of UBS.

UBS has attempted to circumvent normal legal procedures used to deal with squatting cases by claiming that this centre of community activity is a protest. The Bank of Ideas legal team will argue that the people in this property are not, and have not been shown to be, members of such a group and are therefore not affected by such an order.

There are other problems with the original order – for example, it did not have a start date. The Bank of Ideas legal team are hoping to have this case thrown out of court so that normal and accepted procedures can take place.

The Bank of Ideas is a thriving community centre in a previously disused UBS office block on Sun Street, currently occupied legally under Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977. Open to guests and friends, the Bank of Ideas has seen nearly 200 free lectures, debates, film screenings, classes, performances and community group workshops in the two weeks since its doors opened. Countless journalists, artists, performers, photographers and film makers have ventured through its doors intrigued and inspired by this social project run entirely by volunteers, a space valuing the trade of skills and ideas over that of monetary gain.

The Bank of Ideas encourages supporters to join them in court tomorrow and show their support for the thriving community projects the centre is enabling to come together.

The court hearing will take place at 7 The Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1NL at 2pm.

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