Bailout the people, not the banks! See you November 30th


The Treasury Committee of Parliament’s Independent Commission on Banking gave their final report yesterday at Westminster. They heard witnesses from executives of banks like RBS, HSBC, and Lloyds, and it’s their charge to examine the policy and investigate the actions of these banks regarding the crisis. We want to remind Parliament that their duty is to the people, not the banks — where is our bailout?

We took our message on a jaunt all over London:

the millennium bridge! the london eye!

trafalgar square!

our good old home, st. paul's cathedral!


What makes up a city, we ask — the Londoners or the landmarks?

The people of the UK will not stand for their government’s silence or their collusion with the financial industry. They will stand up on November 30th for the largest general strike in recent British history. See you there!

© 2012 Occupy London
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