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GA Assembly proposals on banking reform – Wednesday 16 November

Wednesday 16th Nov banking reform proposals
Group 1
The government and the Head of bank of england to resign
Investigate and reform/regulate the banks
Group 2
Tobin Tax
Seperation of investment and retail banking
Banking transparency and the elimination of tax heavens
Group 3
Remove money from Banks and move to credit union
Time based[…]

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General Assembly this Friday

Agenda for General Assembly Friday 18th November
Proposed Amendment to the Initial Statement
It was agreed by Process on Tuesday evening that this Friday’s General Assembly should be dedicated to holding a debate on following proposed amendment to the initial statement of Occupy LSX. This amendment ( pasted below, in attachment and at http://titanpad.com/XQg1sPM0zZ) was[…]

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Today at Occupy London: Reimagining the City.

Occupy London has highlighted how our right to the city is being undermined by the privatization of space which puts much the City out of bounds to ordinary people and protest. We must reverse this process of enclosure and create our city together.
Reimagining the city is a day of walking, exploring, playing, and mapping[…]

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Bankers4Boris set things straight

Bankers4Boris, who held a thank you party for Boris Johnson outside the Mayor’s office yesterday morning (Wednesday) have been distressed by some of the press coverage they have received.
They have written to us asking that we give their side of the story. Occupy London is an inclusive movement and, as such, we are of[…]

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Occupy London to mark passing of City of London Corporation deadline

WHEN: Today 5.00pm
WHERE: OccupyLSX, between St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Stock Exchange
WHO: John Cooper QC, Occupy London supporters tbc
WHAT: Occupy London will mark the passing of the City of London Corporation’s ‘notice to leave’ deadline today with a statement to occupiers, friends and assembled media. Occupy London’s barrister John Cooper QC[…]

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17 Nov – Occupy London in solidarity with the Greek movement for real democracy

November 17th 1973: Greek people stood up against the military dictatorship
November 17th 2011: Greek people are standing up against the dictatorship of financial markets

Occupy London and the Tent City University invite you to attend an event on Thursday 17th at 8:00 pm, to shed light on the current situation in Greece through films[…]

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Occupy London responds to City of London Corporation notice; Alleged assault

Occupy London acknowledges receipt of the ‘notice to remove’ issued by the City of London Corporation. Our legal team is studying the document carefully. [1]
Last week, Occupy London presented our formal response to the City of London Corporation. We have never received a response to this offer. Instead, the Corporation has opted to break[…]

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Notice served by Corporation of London

As expected, today the Occupy London Stock Exchange site (OccupyLSX) has been served with eviction notices by the City of London Corporation. We will be posting our response shortly but thought it important that you see the documents themselves as soon as possible. To aid in review of the text, here is a transcript.

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GA Minutes – 7pm Monday 14th November 2011

Minutes of the General Meeting
Date: 14/11/2011
Time: 13:00
Facilitator: Richard
Co facilitator: Hannah
Minutes: Phil
Facilitator: Welcome
Intro to consensus
Working Group Updates
RECYCLING: Pick up rubbish as you walk through the camp. Remember to recycle correctly.
TRANQUILITY: Problems in the camp. Nobody agrees with drunkeness. Discussion to take place at 9pm[…]

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