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GA Minutes – 7pm, Monday 21st November 2011

Minutes of Occupy LSX General Assembly
7pm Monday 21st November 2011


1. Approval of statement of solidarity with Egyptian activists [Consensus achieved]
2. Approval of current Occupy LSX Charter, proposed by Legal group to facilitate court proceedings – [No consensus] – Referred for further discussion and clarification.

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GA Minutes – 1pm, Monday 21st November 2011

Occupy LSX General Assembly Minutes
1pm, Monday 21st November 2011


Our UK-Ireland convention took place over the weekend. Lots of different occupations met up and we’ve started a network. There will be a big press release today issued from all occupations at the same time – a multi-angle press[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm, Saturday 19 November 2011

Minutes Saturday 19 November 2011
Location: St Paul’s Steps
Event: Evening General Assembly of Occupy LSX
Date: Saturday 19 November
Facilitator: Saskia
Minutes: John
Started 7.05
Welcome to everybody.
There are 17 occupies here, learning and sharing with us: lsle of Wight, Norwich, Leeds, Brighton, Glasgow, Peterborough, Cork, Bath, Bristol, and Portsmouth….

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A clarification from the Guardian

The following will appear in tomorrow’s corrections and clarifications column in The Guardian.
• Occupy London protesters issue demands to lord mayor was amended to make clear that the demands made by Occupy London’s general assembly to the Corporation of London are different from those outlined in the article, which were based on information given[…]

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UBS attempt to intimidate Occupy London supporters with questionable legal documents

Following the official opening of “public repossession” Bank of Ideas this weekend, bailed out Swiss bank UBS have delivered a set of legal papers to this already thriving community centre on the borders of the City.
Occupy London lawyers have placed doubt on the enforceability of the documents delivered by UBS, suggesting that they consitute[…]

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Manuel Castells to speak at Tent City University this Friday

This Friday at 12 noon, Tent City University at Occupy LSX, located between St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Stock Exchange, will host a free teach-in from Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells. A half hour lecture entitled, “The crisis always rings twice: from financial crisis to fiscal crisis to political crisis” will be followed by a[…]

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Occupy London today – Mark Thomas, UK Occupy Conf, Spanish elections, Robin Hood Tax, Youth assembly

Its another busy weekend for Occupy London with a host of events happening at its London Stock Exchange camp just by St Paul’s Cathedral and its Finsbury Square camp.
There are also events happening at the Bank of Ideas, Occupy London’s first building at 29 Sun Street, where the huge abandoned office block owned by[…]

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Dame Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Corbyn MP visit Occupy London

Yesterday internationally renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood visited Occupy London – which is challenging social and economic injustice as part of the global fight for real democracy – at its London Stock Exchange camp by St Paul’s Cathedral.
Speaking to around 400 people gathered at the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral Vivienne said: “What you’re[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm, Friday 18 November


Initial meeting venue changing. Meet at the top of the cathedral steps at 11am.
Two aspects: charter group discussing charter – do we want to constitute ourselves as something formal for legal proceedings? Also, looking at splitting off into separate groups for those who want to be involved directly in the proceedings[…]

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