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Occupy London action at 3pm today – further info

Occupy London – the movement for social and economic justice – calls concerned citizens to meet at Piccadilly Circus at 3pm.
Further information will be advised at the meeting point at that time.
Follow @occupylsx for updates on twitter; hashtag #occupylsx #occupyn30[…]

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Occupy London #N30Strike #OccupyN30 feeder march – images


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GA Minutes – 7pm Tuesday 29th November 2011

Location: St Paul’s Steps
Event: Evening General Assembly of Occupy LSX
Date: Tuesday 29th November 2011
Facilitator: Mark
Minutes: John
Facilitator: We were going to have a discussion about reaching out to localities in London. There were some proposals from a spontaneous meeting in the Tent City University.
First proposal is to bring back tents[…]

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GA Minutes – 1pm Tuesday 29th November 2011

Occupy LSX General Assembly Minutes
1pm Tuesday 29th November 2011

Would any working groups with feedback to give please come up to the microphone?
> Tomorrow is November 30th. We will be meeting at St Pauls at 11am, and moving on to Lincolns Inn Fields for 12 noon. The march will then proceed from[…]

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Mic Check for N30 Strike

occupy supports the strike
come join us at 7am, liverpool street station on november 30th!
on the day, follow @occupylsx, #occupyn30 for updates and instructions

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Bankers4Boris say sod Occupy London; call for George Osborne to follow Boris’ lead

Bankers organisation Bankers4Boris today called on Chancellor George Osborne to adopt a range of Boris Johnson’s policies in his autumn budget statement.
The group of bankers believe that, given the long-standing friendship between Osborne and Johnson, they should keep learning from each other on how to deal with the bottom 99%.
Bankers4Boris spokesman Ivor Lotadosh[…]

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N30 Strike events, Danny Dorling, Robert Skidelsky

For full event listings, please visit:
http://occupylsx.org/?page_id=176 (for events at OccupyLSX – St Paul’s and OccupyLFS – Finsbury Square)
http://www.bankofideas.org.uk/events/ (for events at the Bank of Ideas)
This week’s General Assemblies: 7pm every day at Occupy London Stock Exchange site by the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral

Tuesday: Decentralisation (initial discussion) – The first chance[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Monday 28th November 2011

Location: St Paul’s Steps
Event: Evening General Assembly of Occupy LSX
Date: Monday 28th November
Facilitator: Annette
Minutes: John
Started: 7.40pm (after the church service)
Announcements: There is a forum for the People’s assemblies WG. Also their email is crdlondon@gmail.com.
Announcement: Please help the tranquillity team.
Announcement: Times and places of spokes and coordination meetings.[…]

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