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Welfare in the City – an update from Occupy London Stock Exchange

In light of recent sensationalist stories in the media sparked by the publication of the City of London Corporation’s legal bundle detailing a naturally one sided picture of the camp at St Paul’s Churchyard, Occupy London wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update on its welfare initiative.
Occupy London welcomes volunteers, particularly those[…]

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Occupy London asks St Paul’s – which side are you on?

On Tuesday 7 December, just before representatives from Occupy London were due to meet the FSA’s CEO Hector Sants, the City of London Corporation delivered a set of documents to the legal team representing Occupy London. [1] These documents were released on the Corporation’s website and it appears that media were also alerted.
These documents[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Friday 9th December 2011


Facilitator :
Minute taker : Julie

Summary  of Decisions:

Kitchen will change its timetable and will now serve  breakfast , lunch  & early dinner. There will be no hot food served after 7 p.m. –

Finsbury Square kitchen will be given a mandate by[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Wednesday 7th December 2011

Minutes for the General Assembly 7pm, 7th December 2011
Facilitator: Phil
Theme: Outreach
Intro: by J of the Outreach WG.
Outreach WG has produced badges, posters, flyers, networked with the public, organized outreach events, hosted a national outreach event, organized for occupy speakers to visit groups.
Upcoming outreach events: 15th December, ‘Occupy Everywhere’
This can[…]

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GA Minutes – 1pm Wednesday 7th December 2011

Minutes for the General Assembly, 1pm, 07/12/2010
Legal Eviction WG: still needs witness statements for eviction case
Legal Reform WG: meeting Saturday 14:00
Outreach WG: meeting at 14:00 at Salvation Army
Economics WG: meeting at Costa on cheapside today @ 17:00
Coordination WG: Has been uploading WG email contacts online but needs more WG details[…]

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Presenting The Canary Wharf Experience

Missed the first tour? Don’t worry – because Occupy London Tours is back with…
Tuesday 13th December, 18.00
Canary Wharf – one of the hottest destinations that London has to offer. Marvel at the sights and sounds of the UK’s newest financial district, from tax avoidance and bonus bonanzas to financial[…]

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Occupy Words

You might not be able to share a full witness statement in support of Occupy LSX, but you can still help out by taking part in our Twitter campaign: #OccupyWord. All you have to do is share your one word that best describes the Occupy movement for you. It’s simple and easy to get involved[…]

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Events today – Occupy Our Neighbourhoods, Cobden Partners presentations, plus artists

Occupy Our Neighbourhoods at OccupyLSX at St Paul’s
This Saturday’s lunchtime General Assembly at 1pm Occupy London will be preparing for Occupy Everywhere Day (Thursday 15 December). You are invited to come along, get involved, and help to plan together anything from info stalls to guerrilla gardening, flash mobs to teach outs, with the aim[…]

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This weekend: Re-Thinking Human Rights at Occupy London

Saturday 10 December is the International Day of Human Rights. On this symbolic date, Occupy London wants to answer a recent call for an International Day of Action.
At OccupyLSX by St Paul’s Cathedral, we will devote the WEEKEND to explore the state of human rights around the world, and to rethink them critically for[…]

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