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Bank of Ideas this Friday – launch of ‘Save our Shelter’ Exhibition

As the Bank of Ideas prepares to return to the High Court on Monday 19 December, having been granted an appeal to get UBS’ injunction discharged, this Friday sees it launch the ‘Save our Shelter’ Exhibition – an extensive mixed media exhibition on the history of squatting, giving the inside story, countering much of the[…]

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Occupy Everywhere this Thursday #D15; Jesse Jackson to visit; an East London church shows how to Occupy Everywhere

Occupy London releases schedule for Occupy Everywhere, including visit of Jesse Jackson to St Paul’s this Thursday at 3pm

Launches new Occupy toolkit for communities around the UK; Invites you to get creative and get involved

Check out All Hallow’s Church in Bow, East London, who have a tent in their nativity scene, in support[…]

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Enough is Enough! Occupy London announces mass sing-up on steps of St Paul’s Cathedral

At 6.30 – 7.30pm Wednesday 21 December, supporters of Occupy London present ‘Enough is Enough! A mass sing up on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral’, a piece of tuneful direct action that promises to bring together hundreds of concerned individuals.
Occupy London invites all to get involved in support of the Occupy London Stock[…]

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Occupy London calls for financial support for The Occupied Times as it expands coverage and analysis

Plans to double in size and to be published fortnightly, with more space dedicated to in depth debate and analysis, and the website focusing on breaking news

Issue 7 to be printed in time for the Occupy Everywhere day of action on 15 December

Occupy London invites donations to support the ongoing print publication of […]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Tuesday 13th December 2011

Minutes Tuesday 13th December 2011
Location: Tent City University
Event: Evening General Assembly of Occupy London
Date: Tuesday 13th December 2011
Facilitator: Saskia
Minutes: John
Weather: Cold winds, after the storm.
Started 7.16
Facilitator: Explains consensus and hand signals…
We have a little group to sing, please listen beautifully.
[insert group and song name]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Monday 12th December 2011

General Assembly 12.12.11
Facilitator: Sasquia
Minutes: Phil
Ad Hoc today due to no process today at 5pm
Working Group Feedback,
Announcement from Glasgow
Discussion on Statement of Autonomy
Shout outs
Consensus explained
Announcements and working group feedback:
-There is a Gale coming in. Tonight we need to check over tent lines.[…]

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Occupy by Design

Occupy by design is a new project to expand the idea of occupy.
These designs have been created for you to use in different spaces. We’re also including some ideas for how to use the designs, but they’re hardly exhaustive. We’d love to see your ideas and your photos and video footage of putting them[…]

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Occupy Everywhere: D15

Occupy Everywhere on December 15th. Get creative!
We are everywhere — and we need YOU! Occupy spaces in your own communities, and come play with us if you can on December 15th . . . playing in the streets is serious business.
Make yourselves visible, start your own actions! Occupy your street corners, libraries,[…]

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“Voices of Resistance” on Resonance FM 104.4

“Voices of Resistance”, hosted by Felix, with Dan and George from OccupyLSX, airs on Resonance FM 104.4 (Central London) today (Monday) from 3-4pm and will be available online from http://resonancefm.com/.
On todays s’how, there will be comments from Caroline Lucas, Leader of the Green Party, who visited Occupy London and talked at the Bank of[…]

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