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Occupy London to put the one per cent on trial as it brings abandoned court back to life

As Occupy London Stock Exchange occupation prepares to present its case at the High Court today, Occupy London supporters have liberated a disused court house – Old Street Magistrate’s Court – in London‘s East End alongside a group of military veterans, Occupy Veterans.
The opening of Occupy London’s fourth occupation, will see the movement conducting[…]

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City of London Guildhall Cleaners support Occupy London

City of London Guildhall Cleaners have declared support for Occupy London – part of the global movement for social and economic justice – as it prepares for the High Court today to defend its tented occupation at St Paul’s Churchyard just by the London Stock Exchange, against the legal action brought by the City of[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Sunday 18th December 2011

GA minutes, 18th December 2011
Facilitator: Ben
Co-facilitator: Vica
Minutes: Tina
Location: TCU
Start time: 19:20
End time: 22:20
Proposals that achieved consensus:
• mini-dome to be used as interim women’s shelter (proposed by Shelter working group)
• Shelter working group to become the frontline welcoming group at OLSX (proposed by Shelter working group)

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GA Minutes – 7pm Saturday 17th December 2011

Minutes of the General Assembly (St Paul’s), 7pm Saturday 17th Dec 2011
Update from working groups
New working group: Environmental and economics. Every Saturday @ cafe Nero basement. Starts 7th January 3.30pm.
Shelter working group: Trying to make camp look neat and functional. Rota-every morning someone is clearing up. Lifting up tents for periods of[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Friday 16th December 2011

General assembly, 7pm 16th December 2011WG FEEDBACK
EEE: Big green day sunday 10 am-10pm. Economy and the environment. Effects on the people. Speakers, poets, music. Come and learn and join in.
Economics: Bonuses: development of a website advising people on what banks are more equitable. It has worked in NL. FSA: Was said that we[…]

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GA Minutes – 1pm Friday 16th December 2011

Minutes of the General Assembly, 1pm Friday 16.12.11
Facilitator: Phil
Minutes: Phil
Working Group feedback:
EEE WG: There is a Big Green Day at Saint Paul’s on Sunday 18th December including talks and workshops.
Church Liaison: In reference to the new church crowd barriers that have encircled the Saint Paul’s cobble plaza, they[…]

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City of London Corporation and investment bank UBS on trial – Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas ready for High Court this Monday

This Monday 19 December looks set to be a big day for Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas as both will be appearing in court. Occupy London will be defending an action brought by the City of London Corporation to prohibit the use of tents at St Paul’s Churchyard. The Bank of Ideas will[…]

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Occupy London gathers today for Bradley Manning and this Sunday walks for peace

A day after accused WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning’s pre-trial hearing began in the US, Occupy London, UK Friends of Bradley Manning, Veterans for Peace, London Catholic Workers and others will meet today for a gathering outside the US Embassy at 2pm. 17 December marks Bradley Manning’s 24th birthday, the second that he has spent in[…]

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Big Green Day this Sunday at St Paul’s – Occupying for people and planet

On Sunday 18 December, Occupy London will hold an event on environment and the economy. The event will take place in the camp at St Paul’s from 10am to late evening featuring expert speakers, debates, workshops, films, art and poetry. [1]
Speakers include Andrew Simms (New Economics Foundation), Ann Pettifor (Green New Deal Group), Joe[…]

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