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The Infrastructure Bill will ensure our continued dependence on fossil fuels

The Infrastructure Bill will ensure our continued dependence on fossil fuels by Mel Strickland.
“…when people say, “The regulatory system is broken. It’s not protecting our health, safety and welfare.” And I say, “Well, maybe it’s not broken, but it’s working perfectly.” Because its goal is not necessarily to protect health, safety and welfare. The[…]

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Occupy and Democratise Money by Barnaby Flynn

Occupy and Democratise Money by Barnaby Flynn
At the next Occupy Democracy General Assembly demonstration on the 24th January, alongside someone from the Positive Money Team I will be putting forward Monetary Reform (Democratising Money Creation/Full Reserve Banking) to be included in our Provisional List of Demands. This follows on from the workshop given by[…]

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Funding Further Education Under Corporate Control

Funding further education can be a problem at the best of times and a recent conversation with my old tutor at the LSE would seem to indicate it’s becoming a lot more difficult when it comes to funding research.  It would, for example, to fund study into alternative economic models or the effect of unbridled[…]

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Happy New Year: wishing you a peaceful 2015

An Occupiers’ perspective on 2014…
2014, these have been very strange times. There have been glimmers of hope but, if we think of the era of enlightenment, then this surely is a time where it seems forces are conspiring to do the opposite. Highlights include….
The bankers have of course got away with murder again[…]

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Bin British Gas: Put Power in Public Hands!

Fuel Poverty Action has issued a call out:
“Say no to fuel poverty, fracking and climate change; Say yes to affordable, democratic and sustainable energy for all!“
As shareholders and owners of British Gas discuss how to make a killing whilst pushing millions into poverty, Fuel Poverty Action will be holding a demonstration on Monday[…]

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A moody end to the Vigil at Balcombe Community Protection Camp Tuesday 19th November. The vigil was given less than 40 minutes, before their equipment was seized by Bailiffs.
One thing to be noted, is that to never underestimate the power of the photographer. without them these thugs would have rolled over us even quicker[…]

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Bohemians given marching orders, court granted possession order today, we wait to hear how long on bailiffs could be a week or two, so come an continue to support,open mic and cabaret this Friday 7-11pm could be last show.indoor market over the weekend. Let us know any empty community buildings, long live the community centre[…]

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Well been here nearly a week and its starting to come along. If ya fancy popping down and helping out everyone welcome.
Having spent a number of nights on the site, the potential for this to become a community hub of learning, shelter and growing is vast. Already we have had contributions of food, tents,[…]

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From Ernie Neil: Balcombe Vigil
‘The Vigil’ is now famous…on the news tonight BBC South Today. They turned up due to Greenpeace’s legal action against Fracking. The reporter actually refered to it as ‘The Vigil”.
From Vanessa Vine: Frack Free Sussex and BIFF
For anybody interested, I was asked to speak about the UK[…]

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