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The ONN Livestream Collective always welcomes donations, due to costs of livestream phones and travel. If you would like to donate via Paypal nemogbr@yahoo.co.uk or contact via the same email if you would like to donate spare phones or equipment.
Occupy London Twitter @OccupyLondon

OccupyNewsNetwork Twitter @OccupyNN

Occupy Mayday Twitter @TotalPolicing

Other Channels[…]

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Now’s the Time to give support to anti-fracking communities by Julie Wassmer

My column in today’s Whitstable/Canterbury Times concerns Labour Shadow Minister Barry Gardiner’s speech about fracking and climate change and the ongoing battle by the Lancashire community against Cuadrilla’s fracking operation. PLEASE SUPPORT THE BRAVE LANCASHIRE COMMUNITY! And if you cannot read this Jpeg of my column, here is the actual text as submitted the newspaper.[…]

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July 12th 2017 Women’s Call Hosted by Nanashire and RAFF – Residents Action on Fylde Fracking

Women’s Call Hosted by Nanashire and RAFF – Residents Action on Fylde Fracking
Women’s Call Hosted by Nanashire and RAFF – Residents Action on Fylde Fracking
Nana call out to ALL women… we need you to bring the power of our sisterhood to confront the violence being endured by the peaceful sons and daughters of[…]

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SNAP Action: Turnbull receiving immigration prize from Rudd.

This reads like a distasteful Daily Mash Article! The Prime Minister of Australia who locks refugees up for years on G4S run detention centres on remote islands, where some have been killed and assaulted, is receiving an award for his “non-discriminatory immigration policy” from Amber Rudd!!!
What the actual frack! If you can make this[…]

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Shut Down Security and Policing 2016!

Join a mass demonstration outside the Home Office to demand an end to their secretive ‘Security and Policing 2016’ event happening this March in Farnborough.
We’ll start at 5pm sharp to make sure we are there when Home Office staff are leaving for the day. We’ll be sharing stories of state repression and[…]

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Barnet Bohemians Xmas 2015

Barnet Bohemians
Gangsters broke into our new Bohemia/Mothership Xmas special community centre! We called the police who came to our aid by the dozen and in the end we made a deal to stay for a while.. This can be our perfect Xmas Story after all the corporate fiascos since the Love Activists trafalgar bank[…]

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Tories try to sneak in laws opening parks to Frackers and Nuclear waste

There’s also the part that these fracking holes can then be used to store nuclear waste. Wonder what that would do to the environment and the house prices of Tory voters?[…]

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Italy added to the Railway Gravy Train

Italy added to the railway gravy train.
First the Germans and the French, now the Italians are joining the privatised Railway gravy train.
Both Jeremy Corbyn of Labour and Caroline Lucas of the Greens, along with 66% voters, including 52% of Conservative voters, want Railways back in public hands.
As pointed out by Jeremy Corbyn,[…]

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How do we frame the rise of Jeremy Corbyn?

How do we frame this? How do we put into context the vitriol and hatred directed at a new leader that seeks to represent the needs and desires of the people. What is of course astonishing is that those that so despise him are in fact responsible for his emergence.
As we[…]

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