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The third weekend of the Balcombe Community Protection Camp and the site now has over 100 tents. They are then joined by a few hundred people everyday, but more are needed.
The camp is getting more donations of tents and sleepingbags. The Kitchen is lacto-ovo vegetarian. This is important for health and safety reasons,[…]

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G.A. 24 AUGUST 2013: Mass Sleep Out, Balcombe, DPAC

General Assembly from August 1st 2013.

09/08/2013 Consensus:
August 24th 2013. Mass Sleep out on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral. 50 other events in various cities around the country.
Solidarity for Balcombe Community Protection Camp.
Solidarity for DPAC week of action.
£200.00 to Reclaim the Power to re-imburse people who have already bought[…]

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This is the live video stream of the meeting in support of Bradley Manning who might be sentenced to 90 years in prison for highlighting the war crimes of the Unites States Government.
Sounds improves before the meeting at the 7 min mark.[…]

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Update at 0700hours Sunday Morning.

West Kent Green Party showing solidarity.

Various interviews throughout the day.[…]

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The Anti-Frack Camp is about 10 minutes walk from Balcombe Train Station. From Blackfriars, Victoria, East Croydon or Brighton.
At the exit, just turn to your right and walk down the road and you will hit the camp.
For the last 4 days the community in Balcombe, supported by people from across Sussex and[…]

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Romany Blythe Hunger Strike in support of Guantanamo Bay closure

You may recall recently a lady by the name of Romany Blythe who helped to organise the so-called Thatcher death parties. In some papers she was demonised, but I know her well, and she is a committed campaigner for human rights, Guantanamo, Palestinians and so on. She is now about to do something very[…]

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Participative practices for Local Assemblies

Venue : Friends House Euston – in the courtyard.
Local Assemblies are building momentum in our communities . This is a result of the convergence of several strands of political activism: Occupy activists identifying local people’s assemblies as a way to build an alternative political movement from the ground up; the work of local activists[…]

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The Spirit of 45, Presented by Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public.

Photo credit: Melanie S.

St Peter’s Church Hall, Warner Place, Bethnal Green E2 7AE
Ken Loach made The Spirit of ’45 to show how after WW2, at a time of austerity far worse than we face today, the people of Britain created a new, fairer society. A key part of this was the NHS. Today,[…]

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Police Spies out of Lives.

We agreed the following statement at the GA today :
Where we stand
The women who are bringing this case, and Occupy London, believe that:
There are no circumstances in which it would be acceptable for an undercover police officer to engage in intimate relationships with either targets or members of the public under the[…]

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