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by Clive Menzies


images (3)At Friday’s General Assembly, Occupy was asked to support action to protest the disability assessment process administered by Atos which has led to more than 10,000 deaths. I suspect you, like everyone at the meeting, are shocked by these numbers which appear to be valid. Michael Meacher, in a House of Commons debate on 18th January, described the situation as follows:

The fundamental issue is this: how can pursuing with such insensitive rigour 1.6 million claimants on incapacity benefit, at a rate of 11,000 assessments every week, be justified when it has led, according to the Government’s own figures, to 1,300 persons dying after being put into the work-related activity group, 2,200 people dying before their assessment is complete, and 7,100 people dying after being put into the support group? Is it reasonable to pressurise seriously disabled persons into work so ruthlessly when there are 2.5 million unemployed, and when on average eight persons chase every vacancy, unless they are provided with the active and extensive support they obviously need to get and hold down work, which is certainly not the case currently? (video) (transcript)

To put this number into context, the Atos assessment death rate dwarfs that of soldiers in Afghanistan.

According to the BBC, by October 30 this year, the total number of British soldiers who had died in Afghanistan since military operations began there in 2002 was 437.

That’s equivalent to the number of sick or disabled people who die – while going through the Atos/DWP work capability assessment system (or as a result of going through it) – every six weeks.

The demonisation of the most vulnerable people in society as scroungers and shirkers has led to a dramatic increase in hate crime against disabled people. Members of Disabled people against cuts (DPAC) related harrowing personal stories of how attiudes have hardened towards them.


The progressive privatisation of the welfare state began years ago and outsourcing these assessments for profit is another step towards the US model of healthcare and welfare where 47 million people live on food stamps – a chilling prospect. To attack this specific policy is not enough. We need to overturn the economic system which lies at the root of this and other problems.


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One Response to “ATOS Disability Toll”

  1. These are the Nazi policies of a traitorous government working solely under the direction of the unelected politburo of 27 EU Commissioners who effectively legislate for all 500 million residents of Europe, with zero accountability, as per the desired Nazi goal of a centrally-controlled Federal Europe. The EU was founded in 1957 by a card-carrying Nazi lawyer, Walter Hallstein, who could have been Hitler’s speech-writer.
    We are currently living under a 100% Nazi-controlled regime and most people are choosing to pretend it isn’t really happening, that various successive sections of the community are being targeted for an ongoing ‘Final Solution’. First it was the Jews, political dissidents and gypsies, and now it’s the disabled, sick, weak, elderly, children and practically speaking anyone who dares to stand up and speak the truth. Fortunately, there are now too many truth-speakers in all sections of society to prevent the inevitable collapse of the present incumbent tyranny, thinly disguised as a democracy, yet voted for by absolutely no-one with any degree of intelligence.
    A definitive account has been written by an eminent physician, Dr. Rath, with the full support of the few remaining Auschwitz survivors, explaining in eye-watering detail, with full facts just recently released under the Freedom of Information Act, that the EU is a 100% Nazi organization, with the only significant difference being its flag:
    Read, weep, and then please do something about it!

    Our traitorous German Queen signed the Lisbon Treaty on December 13th 2007 to effectively hand over all of the UK’s legislative power to the Nazi EU politburo, little different from Hitler’s regime in both its policies and thoroughly dishonest and despicable tactics, merely the bureaucratic successor to a failed military tyranny. The pre-WW2 royal scandal wasn’t Edward and Mrs. Simpson, but the plain fact that the German immigrant royal family that occupies the British throne was 100% in support of all of Hitler’s policies.
    The principles of honesty and integrity, combined with the desire for a safe and peaceful future for all UK and European citizens require that we resist and reject all tyrannical regimes, most especially the Nazi EU, the Nazi-worshipping British and European governments, the Nazi German Royal family that falsely occupies the British throne and the Nazi-controlled BBC that obeys a bogus royal charter whose sole aim is to ensure that the German usurpers to the British throne are worshipped and deified at all times, effectively making Queen Elizabeth into a Pharaoh, a self-proclaimed god, with Grand Vizier Lord Rothschild at her side to control the money in the name of the Bank of England, a private corporation that answers only to its shareholders, never to the British people, all on behalf of The Crown, effectively British Empire plc, the self-styled, would-be controller of the world economy.
    All good and honest citizens can properly investigate the true nature of all these dangerously anti-social, anti-human and anti-theistic establishments and decide for themselves how to proceed now that these same institutions have collapsed in the inevitable pubic scandal that they themselves have invited by their godless, ruinous and unprincipled conduct. The effects of this major collapse have only been mitigated by the ongoing bluff of media denial and distraction. The British government, the EU, the BBC and the German Royal family occupying the British throne have all colluded and conspired to deceive the British and worldwide public to cover up their murderous war-mongering activities, which have effectively continued unabated since the days of Babylon.
    The native Celts constitute more than 99% of the global population, and we’re not about to yield to the pretentious whims of false monarchs and the snivelling apologies of those sycophantic hired minions who like to play the dirty game of politics. Game over!


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