An open letter to Occupiers, from Saskia

IMG_0901 (2)Dear Occupiers,
On the second anniversary of the violent eviction of OLSX camp, bathed in sunshine, mercifully free of keening wind, the steps of St Paul’s were filled with occupiers old and new. We had one of the best general assemblies ever, with an astonishing 4 proposals unanimously passed, working group feed back, speakers, discussion groups, reports back and shout outs, brilliantly facilitated in less than 2 hours,  and completed by 5 pm (ish). Even though the mic didn’t work and everyone had to listen carefully to hear.


Much effort by many people and a wonderous sight. The City of London cops asked when we were starting and what was going on. Janie Mac politely declared that we didn’t have to tell them but they were welcome to join us. Queen Anne’s railings were festooned with Syrian solidarity banners, and we owned that space, reminded by George of the ancient history of public meetings in that very spot.

Despite the rather comic agitation of the over officious St Paul’s security staff, we conducted  a safer space, respectful, civil and very productive GA. Big up to the facilitation team and the pre GA planning group who did a great job.

Many meetings and greetings too.

Result!  Hope we keep it up and have assemblies all over the place, lets encourage people to get together and talk about the state we are in and work towards better alternatives.

Looking forward to the new working group on democracy aiming for an event in October.

lovely to see you all




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