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Action Report from Occupy London/ UK Uncut (Tuesday 25th October)



Campers at Occupy London and activists from direct action group UK Uncut joined forces to descend upon the head office of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on Monday afternoon to demand the resignation of HMRC boss Dave Hartnett.

Protesters were outraged at Hartnett’s role in approving secret sweetheart deals to let mega-rich corporations off billions in tax. They were prevented from reaching Hartnett’s office by a heavy police presence. Minor scuffles ensued as police lined the main entrance to the building. The protest continued outside the offices with chants of “Hey Ho Hartnett has got to go!.” Later, protestors attempted to gain access to the offices by a side entrance but were again blockaded by police.

Business Secretary Vince Cable happened to walk past the protest. He was chased to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills with protesters demanding the sacking of Hartnett.

Goldman Sachs was recently let off paying £10m to HRMC while Hartnett allowed Vodafone to dodge £6bn in tax late last year. Hartnett is Whitehall’s most “wined and dined’ cicil servant, meeting with corporations 107 times last year.

Occupy London supporter Kyshia Davey said: “HMRC has just announced it will be going after 146,000 pensioners to demand hundreds of pounds from them following a tax code cock-up. Meanwhile, its boss is striking secret deals with opulent corporations to let them off billions of pounds in tax. Hartnett is fatally undermining public confidence in the UK’s tax system at a time of austerity and he must resign immediately.”


27 Responses to “Action Report from Occupy London/ UK Uncut (Tuesday 25th October)”

  1. Please, please STOP calling for ministers to resign from cabinet posts. This allows them to walk away scott-free from the mess they create. Instead, demand that they stay in post and celan up their mess. Only by forcing them to correct thier mistakes will they be encouraged to stop making them. Calling for a resignation is handing them a get-out-of-mess-free card where they walk away to create a new mess somewhere else!

    We need to demand culpability in ministerial posts.

    • We don’t want politics anymore it just does not work…

      • I agree, reinstate the monarchy in full.

  2. I demand that you leave St Paul’s and allow the businesses you are killing to trade, so they can earn a living.

    You’re not going to stop being a nuisance to ordinary folk and local business, so why should he listen to you?

    Works both ways, don’t you think, or is delusion getting in the way again?

    • Wow! Great thoughts.

      You should help out those friendly businesses that we are killing by giving them as much of your money as possible; and then a little bit extra just to make up for our nuisance. Show us how real charity and altruism works!

      If you would rather not go bankrupt in the course of fighting for what you believe then you could also set up a tent across from the occupation expressing your views peacefully and indefinitely until you are forced to be recognized.

      Of course, you could resort to violence moving the occupation along yourself (with the aid of your trusty shield and baton) which might be more appealing.

      The local businesses and ordinary people who are complicit in the reproduction of the violent form of capitalism and commodity exchange we stand against deserve to be inconvenienced. It is the goal to disrupt the taken for granted model which has been demonstrated to be responsible for a great deal of suffering, exploitation, and destruction, while simultaneously establishing and encouraging others to join in the model that we are currently developing to replace it.

      I think yourself and those businesses which you care so deeply about would be surprised to see how accommodating we (the occupiers) can be if engaged with respect in the search of reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships.

    • Demand??

      Sounds to me like you work for a bank and that you, are the one that should step aside and let our race evolve…
      Cptn Caveman….

  3. It is about time that the government and authorities looked after the 99% of us rather than penalising us and expecting us to pay for the GREEDY 1% who have caused this crisis and have been let of scott free. The excuse that they will go elsewhere does not wash anymore, let them!
    It is very pleasing to see that the worm is finally turning and refusing to put up with all the excuses from the government who seem intent on protecting the 1% at all costs, bending over backwards to accommodating them. Is it because some of the 1% are actually in the government?

  4. Astounds me that St Paul’s closed for Health & Safety as well as Fire concerns that they state puts visitors at risk… yet M&S, Starbucks, Blacks, a bank and other businesses even closer to Occupy camp – are all open, thriving and not fearful for their customers?

    • Would you expect evil corporations like M&S and Starbucks (and a bank no less) to care about the health and safety of their customers over profit? Of course they’re going to stay open and put their customers at risk instead of giving up all that money.

      St Paul’s, on the other hand, is a church and I would think that a church would put the safety of its visitors above all else. (Even if it does mean giving up all the much needed revenue.)

      • no christian church needs your money. organized religion is the biggest SCAM on the planet and also some of the richest institutions that are also exempt from tax

  5. vote green, the rest are corrupt, socialist millionaire tony blair got away with it all , scot free, and people blame the banks ?….blame mr blair !

    george soros is helping to fund occupy new york… he believes politics becomes corrupted by business

  6. http://www.soros.org/resources/multimedia/sorosceu_20091112/capitalism_transcript

    “How could the political process be improved in an open society? I propose a rather simple rule; people should separate their role as market participants from their role as political participants. As market participants we ought to pursue our self interest; as participants in the political process we ought to be guided by the public interest. The justification for this rule is also rather simple. In conditions close to perfect competition no single competitor can affect the outcome; therefore individual market decisions have no effect on social conditions, whether or not one cares about the common good. But political decisions do affect social conditions; therefore it makes all the difference whether or not they serve the public interest.

    The trouble is that the public good cannot be determined by reference to a generally accepted objective standard. It is contingent on the views of the electorate but in the absence of an objective standard, those views are easily manipulated. And manipulation is self-reinforcing; the more outrageous the political claims and counter claims, the harder it is to tell what is right and what is wrong. That is what has made the political process so ineffective.”

  7. This documentary by Bill Still ‘The Money Masters’ which dates back to the early nineties is well worth a watch for a thorough understanding of our fractional reserve banking system and debt based economy. It is 3.5hrs long and very revealing, predicting the coming of the current global financial crisis we are in:
    “Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” – Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928). Reputed to be the 2nd wealthiest man in England at that time.

    ‘Money as debt’:

    ‘Inside Job’ 2010 documentary on the financial crisis by Charles Ferguson

    Alan Grayson on Occupy Wall Street:

  8. “The trouble is that the public good cannot be determined by reference to a generally accepted objective standard. It is contingent on the views of the electorate but in the absence of an objective standard, those views are easily manipulated. And manipulation is self-reinforcing; the more outrageous the political claims and counter claims, the harder it is to tell what is right and what is wrong. That is what has made the political process so ineffective.” – george soros

  9. I am one of those pensioners..also a supporter of UK Uncut and Occupylsx. If they request money I will refuse to pay it!
    I have worked all my life – paid tax all my life. Subsidized my children through their education, and have been left with approximately £130.00 per week pension to keep myself!
    Give them more because of their cock-up? I THINK NOT!!
    Let the 1% pay it for me!

  10. “In analyzing the resource curse, I came to attribute great importance to what I called an asymmetric agency problem. According to the modern concept of sovereignty, the natural resources of a country belong to the people of that country, but governments, which are supposed to be agents of the people, put their own interests ahead of the interests of the people whom they are supposed to represent and engage in all sorts of corrupt practices. On the opposite side, the managements of the international oil and mining companies represent the interests of the companies all too well. They used to go so far as to bribe governments in order to obtain concessions. Willing takers and givers of bribes are the root cause of the resource curse.

    Once I became aware of the agency problem, I discovered it everywhere.

    Communism failed because of the agency problem. Karl Marx’s proposition-from everybody according to their ability and to everybody according to their needs-was a very attractive idea, but the communist rulers put their own interests ahead of the interests of the people.

    The agency problem is also the bane of representative democracy: the elected representatives use their powers for their own interests to the detriment of the common interest.

    And in the recent financial crisis, the agency problem proved to be the undoing of the financial system. When financial engineers turned mortgages into securities by issuing collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs, they thought they were reducing risk through geographical diversification. In reality, they were introducing a new risk by separating the interests of the agents who created and distributed the synthetic instruments from the interest of the owners of those securities. The agents were more interested in earning fees than in protecting the interests of the principals.” – george soros

    what he is saying, in a complex way, is that systems can produce corruption..when people can ‘get away with it’… so what we need is transparancy… so that the poor are not paying all the tax while the rich laugh and use tax havens… etc. etc.

  11. Why have the minutes of GA meetings been taken down from the site?

    • I agree. I thought it was an excellent demonstration of how effective occupylsx’s decision-making process is

  12. http://blogs.channel4.com/snowblog/st-pauls-protesters-part-time/16448
    occupying …really I guess you guys like blogging but no-one is sticking around to really occupy….!!! Maybe no-one really wants to be there to make their point, go home and campaign the normal route like the rest of us.

    • 1) Sally all you’ve illustrated here is how effective and damaging media mis-reporting is. The thermal cameras used do not pick up body heat through material. If you look around the net you’ll find examples that show this. I won’t post the links as I feel research is fun, you should maybe give it a go.

      2) ‘…go home and campaign the normal route like the rest of us…’ and you personally do this how exactly? Please give us a couple of examples of issues you have, how you’ve tackled them and some idea of the changes that you’re actions have made. Many thanks

    • I take it you’re not familiar with how a thermal imaging camera works?


      That’s okay . . . most of the journalist don’t seem to know that thermal imaging will only show up heat, if it’s directly open to it.
      It won’t register though material, which is why they use it to check for heat leaks in buildings . . . ie: where they are “open” to the atmosphere.

      You would have to point it through the tent flap to get a reading if someone was inside. LOL

      But hey! . . . let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good “story”.

  13. A beautiful video for you form Occupy Montreal : http://youtu.be/QF42ec7fFi0

  14. Just like to register my support for everything you are doing. I am not able to make the trip to London but I stand firmly behind your protest.

    I am a delivery driver, a low paid worker if you like. I don’t expect a wage rise or envy the wealthy. I just want the system to protect the people and not the the corportations or financiers.

    Grip it and rip it OCCUPYERS.

  15. “Hartnett is Whitehall’s most “wined and dined’ cicil servant, meeting with corporations 107 times last year.”

    It’s 107 times over three years, not one year:



  16. Interesting to see Vince Cable being asked to look into Dave Harnett’s clearly dodgy dealing with Bankers and Large Corporations . . . perhaps he could ask them about their VAT payments as well.

    What’s that expression the government is so fond of quoting to us?

    “They’re all in it together” . . . or something like that. ;o)


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