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Abstaining is the status quo or you can vote None of The Above

Ooooosie although, I was tempted to vote AntiCuts.

Ooooosie although, I was tempted to vote AntiCuts.

Holding no interest in politics, means you are upholding the status quo. Shouting in front of the television does not change a thing.

I know a number of activists who do not vote, but they vote with their feet by their actions against the status quo. Others seem to believe that being an idiot about politics or holding the position of “They’re all the same”, somehow gives them the excuse not to get involved.

The ConDemUKIP coalition will gain, as their supporters will VOTE. One thing I learned from yesterday’s Stop Killing Cyclists Action, UKIP opposes EU measures to make London pedestrians and cyclists. These were the Tories thrown out for being too vile and embarrassing.

Every person who does not vote today – is effectively increasing ConDemUKIPs share of the vote and their share of seats. So PLEASE I beg those thinking of not voting to please do so.

The 2009 elections had a turn out of 39%, which means those who voted had the voting power of almost three voters. The useful idiots supporting the neo-liberal agenda, blaming the disenfranchised poor, immigrants and refugees for all their troubles will be out voting.

There is no excuse for being an Armchair Anarchists today. ~Obi_Live


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