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2pm Saturday at St Paul’s – Occupy the Climate! Arctic Ice to melt at the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral


As Occupy London waits to hear the High Court judgement decision about the future of the occupation at St Paul’s, tomorrow (Saturday 14 January) at 2pm there will be a very special event take place by the steps of St Paul’s.

Highlighting the fragility and importance of the occupation and its causes of social, economic and environmental justice, visitors will get to see the moving spectacle of a single piece of melting Arctic ice which has been donated by KryoLab, an installation and performance that brings together bioart, ice sculpture and sound, in an investigation of delicate relationships in the Arctic ecosystem.

Having been stored in a freezer for two years since its last interactive art exhibitions in 2009 – at The State Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki, Greece) and at Rondo Gallery (Katowice, Poland), the 49kg block of ice (about the size of a suitcase) is about to go on a freezer-strike in solidarity with the occupy movement, which it is hoped will remind people how close our society and the environment are to the brink, but also send a message that we still have time to avoid falling over the edge.

KryoLab artists, Anna Dumtriu (UK), Antti Tenetz (Finland) and Dave Lawrence have been guardians of the ice for the last two years, and some of them will be present at the OccupyLSX from 2pm onwards. Artists, poets, storytellers and experts will join them to explain the reality and evoke the beauty of this wild place including (Dave Lawrence from KryoLab), Pete the temp and poet Catherine Brogan plus performance by Iodine teater.

There will be the chance to touch the Arctic Ice and feel it melt in your hands. Members of the public will be invited to record their feelings and thoughts.

At 6.30pm, something special will happen to the ice, and those responsible for its melting will be brought into question.

Attendees of this event may also be interested in popping along to the Corporate Occupation of the Arts event which is also taking place on the same day at the Bank of Ideas.

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