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Left wondering what’s happening in Venezuela?

I don’t know enough about the situation. Was this corruption and/or incompetence from the Venezuelan government of Chavez and Maduro? Or another American Imperial move to keep a neoliberal Capitalist hold on Venezualan oil? Apologies for posting here. A number of leftwing activists seem to defend Venezuela no matter what happens and I would like[…]

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GreenLassie at Preston New Road

Great blog by Tanya Jones, who visited Preston New Road last weekend to speak about the campaign in Ireland, where fracking is now banned. She tweets as @decombustion
Tanya Jones was Green Party candidate for Fermanagh & South Tyrone.
GreenLassie at Preston New Road 4th August 2017[…]

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BBC omit to mention LCC leader Geoff Driver arrested in fraud probe?

BBC omit to mention in this report that Geoff Driver who occupies a senior post at Lancashire County Council is currently under investigation for financial fraud.
We have you surrounded Cuadrilla.
Mr. Driver we have you in check. Watch this space…

Cuadrilla ‘getting away’ with fracking rig breach
Police deny facilitating fracking drill operation[…]

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KatrinaL Arrested at PNR on 04082017

KatrinaL Arrested at PNR on 04082017
Didn’t believe it until I saw the live stream. This is something that is becoming a habit due to the ridiculous arrests police are making to try and whittle down the protectors numbers…
1. Someone arrested for swearing (laughed out of court)
2. Someone arrested for a cigarette end[…]

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