1000 on Anti-Fracking March In Blackpool


By Inka Staface


Loud signs of support from the locals in Blackpool were expressed through drivers honking their horns and passers by joining in. About 300 protesters from the camp gathered by Blackpool South Pier and were joined by around 700 others. 


On Sunday the 17th August 2014, Reclaim the Power organized to express their concern for the people of Lancashire who are in danger of being the first to find out the worst truths of fracking in the UK.

The march went from the South Pier along the coast to Blackpool Tower




In the US people whose land has been fracked are now suffering from a poisoned water supply and a number of horrendous diseases and yet the people of the UK are expected to trust the energy companies who tell us that its a safe practice. The serious consequences of fracking are well presented in a film called Gasland 1 and its sequel Gasland 2.


Nanagate – Granmas and mums against fracking in Lancashire.

The Trespass Bill, if amended as proposed, will allow fracking companies to frack underneath people’s private land if it is passed, regardless of the owner’s permission.


Bez from Happy Mondays fame, current member of the Reality Party speaks at the end of the march.

Bez from Happy Mondays fame, current member of the Reality Party speaks at the end of the Reclaim The Power march – 17th August 2014


Stay tuned for the Reclaim the Power direct action day – 18th August . It will not be dull!


People form F.OFF with bodies in front of the Blackpool Tower.





Reclaim the Power address the crowd at the end of the march.


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